New bus: MAN Lion's City A21 Bus Train


For the first time in our company, a mighty bus-train is making an appearance. Front side is MAN Lion's City A21 3-door Euro 6. Attached to it is the a short trailer, making the total lenght of the bus 23m. Capacity of this monster is 157 passengers.

Even though the bus is long, due to the fact that both trailer axles steer, it can do quite tight turns (I'd say even better than some articulated buses).

Bus is parked in Depot 4, position 4 and carries fleet number #2206. Bus comes with Münich DLC. In future, we plan to replace it...

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New map: München


I've added München DLC map for the company. If the map is used enough for the next 3 months, we will keep it (don't need much honestly, it's quite cheap considering it's quality).

The map has 3 driveable lines at the time of writing.

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BCS - April 2020 report


It's time for yet another report!

Overall statistics

Our company rating this month as been fluctuating around 91-92%


Our balance still managed to stay over 1 million this month, though there isn't a big change compared to previous month after the taxes were deducted.


Top drivers of the month are:

  • cameron2003859 (69 014€ of income in last 30 days)
  • volvorider (44 259€)
  • DasVasker (36 049€)
  • BMF_NF (32 075€)
  • PICCO17 (24 520€)
  • Maps

    Top five maps of this month were:

  • Bowdenham (Income of 60 244€)
  • BotW (49 957€)
  • Lemmental V3 Updated (45 161€)
  • Ruhrau V2 (34 080€)
  • Ahlheim & Laur...
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    New bus: Ikarus EAG 395

    OMSI 2

    We have added a new bus: Ikarus EAG 395.

    With a total of 645 units the 395/E95 series was the most successful product of Ikarus Special Coach Factory. This intercity bus was offered with 4 different chassis. The prototype was built on Scania's L113 chassis and left the factory in 1992. It was designated as type 395.12. 102 more units were built using the same type of chassis, until the 1997 introduction of Scania's 4 series chassis.

    The bus comes with manual 7 gear gearbox (turn on autoclutch if you want to make it easier (OMSI 2 Menu > Options > Automatic clutch)), uses normal destination d...

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    Change in full fleet package - now split into categories

    OMSI 2

    Our full fleet package has become quite large, so I made the decision to split it into 3 smaller pieces:

  • LHD buses
  • RHD buses (UK)
  • Graveyard
  • This means you can download your preffered choices more easily and the packages will be smaller. Theey are currently uploading so they should be in the cloud in the next few hours.

    Additionally, would you like to have a repaint only package(s), that only includes company repaints?
    Vote about this on our forums:

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    New map: Bremen-Nord Modern

    OMSI 2

    We have added the modern version of Bremen-Nord DLC map (it comes with 2 different versions). You can optain the map by buying the DLC. The articulated MAN Lion's City from the DLC already has been in our company for quite some time.

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    New bus: Neoplan N4516

    OMSI 2

    As requested, I've added Neoplan N4516 from the NEOMAN Overhaul pack into the company also. We opted for E3 Voith version (only 2D versions exist).

    Bus is parked in depot 2. Vintage Citybuses, carries fleet number 1245. Download link and repaint link like always on fleet page. This bus is available on public beta of the NEOMAN addon.

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    New buses: Wright Streetlite

    OMSI 2

    Thanks to great efforts of Sambob_12, we have 3 new buses in the depot. Several variations of Wright Streetlite:

  • Fleet no 5205 for RHD 1-door, depot 8
  • Fleet no 5206 for RHD 2-door, depot 8
  • Fleet no 1244 for LHD 2-door, depot 3

  • Repaints will be added to full fleet sync also and like always, it's avilable on our fleet page.

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    New repaint: MB Citaro C2Ü

    OMSI 2

    After a long time of waiting the company paint for the Citaro C2Ü (Rheinhausen DLC) is released. Download is like available on our fleet page.

    The first thing you are problably noticing is that it's using the body paint that was so far only on city buses, even though it's intercity bus. We have decide to unify our fleet even more and now all buses will be using the same paint.

    Sadly, there is a bug in the repaint - you'll notice in the rear area there are some bits of whites in some areas that should be blue (around rear light and arour rear window). Something is seriously wrong with the repa...

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    BCS - March 2020 Report

    OMSI 2

    This month's BCS report. For the first time, including statistics of vehicles!

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