New buses: Solaris Urbino IV Electric


Sobol's Solaris Urbino IV Electric buses have been added to the company. At this moment, the buses are available only for Sobol's Patreons. We added 12 IV 3D Electric and 18 IV 4D Electric versions.

Download instructions and repaint link can be found like always on our fleet page: https://gogroupvirtual.eu/omsi/buses#1260

Both buses are parked in depot 8. Positions 17 and 18. Next to the Ruhr Solaris IV buses.

Do keep in mind that they are early access buses so bugs are expected.

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OMSI Company drive (this time including Control Center event)


Our company drive is scheduled for this Saturday on 15:00 - 21:00. It takes place on Grande Porto 2021 as this was the highest voted map that I could choose for Control Center.

Map download link and instructions: https://gogroupvirtual.eu/omsi/maps#grande-porto-2021

No DLCs are needed. Map needs to have collisions turned off.

Please let us know on Discord if you plan to attend: https://discord.gg/NayQ8zrG?event=1001431532000526386

If you own Control Center Simulator addon, you might also want to register our Control Center event running at the same time, this is our first attempt to run it:...

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New buses: Masterbus Veiling


Thanks to BMF_NJ, the Masterbus Veiling buses have reached our company.

We added 2 Veiling 3 - Euro 6 versions (12.4m/2DR and 18m/3DR) and one Veiling 2 - Euro 4 version (12m/2DR).

Like always, you can find the bus repaints on our fleet page. Buses are in depot 7

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Buses replaced: Scania Citywides


Both of our Scania Citywide buses (old Bioethanol version, with down download link and Sobol's Patreon version) have been replaced with the ones from single pack that is available for everybody.

Buses are in depot 8. Parked on position 7 and 9. We added 12 3D version and 18 4D version.

Like always, download link and repaint link available on fleet page. Search for Scania.

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New buses: Irisbus Citybus family


It's been a long wait, but the 2 of the Irisbus Citybus family buses are here

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Monthly report - June 2022

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

And here's the report for June.

Bus Company Simulator

Due to our company now having mininum rank to join 1, we've gotten a lot of new members. It has improved our rating but financially we once again lost this month.

Favourite buses

Again, dominated by british buses.

  • GO 6212 [DLC] Studio Polygon 400MMC 10.3m (E40D/Voith) (Drvien distance 171.1 km)
  • GO 6209 [MS] Masterbus Gen 3 Gen 3 Stealth - B5TL 10.5m (79 km)
  • GO 5203 MAN A21 - UK A21 - ZF (74.98 km)
  • GO 5205 [SP] Studio Polygon Lite Lite 11.5m (Cummins, Euro 5) (67.7 km)
  • GO 5204 [V3D] Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC (11...
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    Monthly report - May 2022

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    Better late than never! Time for another montly report, this time for May......a bit dated report. Up to date report should be coming tomorrow!

    Bus Company Simulator

    Our rating took a big hit, we dropped down to ~64%. Financially we also lost 10k

    Favourite buses

    May was dominated by british buses

  • GO 6212 [DLC] Studio Polygon 400MMC 10.3m (E40D/Voith) (Driven distance 131.3 km)
  • GO 5208 [MS] Masterbus (Yorkshire Counties) Veiling 3 - B8RLE (12.4m/Stealth) (62.1 km)
  • GO 6213 [V3D] Digibus Phantom: Low floor with LED (47.6 km)
  • GO 6216 London Citybus B5LH/EvoCiti (EuroVI) (39.2 km)
  • GO...
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    Monthly report - April 2022

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    Bus Company Simulator

    Thankly our rating is higher than it previously was. We did lose on the money balance because of the Iveco DLC buses.

    Favourite buses
  • GO 1256 IRISBUS LOW ENTRY FAMILY (Urban) Urban 12.8 | 2-2-2 | Type A (Driven distance 147.8 km)
  • GO 1255 Citybus O405_ZF (139.2 km)
  • GO 1318 IRISBUS LOW ENTRY FAMILY (Sub Urban) Sub Urban 12 1-2-0 (121.9 km)
  • GO 1100 IRISBUS LOW ENTRY FAMILY (Sub Urban) Sub Urban 10 1-2-0 (107.4 km)
  • GO 6210 [V3D] Alexander GOBus B7TL - ALX400 (250hp) K++ 1(78.7 km)
  • Favourite Maps
  • St√§dtedreieck 21 (Map profit calculated from 3 months a...
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    New buses: Irisbus LE Family

    OMSI 2

    First set of new buses have been added to the company, they are all from the Irisbus LE Family. All of them have been configured with automatic gearbox and latest engine. I added 2 sub-urban buses (10m and 12m) and one 1 urban type (12.8m). All of them are Diesel powered.

    Buses added are:

  • #1100 Sub Urban LE | 10 | 1-2-0 - Capacity 37 passengers
  • #1317 Sub Urban LE | 12 | 1-2-0 - Capacity 45 passengers
  • #1256 Urban LE | 12.8 | 2-2-2 | Type A - Capacity 51 passengers
  • All of the buses are in our brand new garage - garage number 9.


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    New map: Grande Porto 2021

    OMSI 2

    Grande Porto is back in the company, this time updated version that is hosted on OMSI Webdisk and has nice readme that has English instructions also.

    Who aren't aware, this a nicely made portugese map that is huge in OMSI terms (47 lines) but runs very well. It's detailed, unique and has a lot of different areas. It's also a lot more hilly than other OMSI 2 maps.

    The only downside this map has, it needs to have collisions turned off.

    Original map desciption:

    Hello and welcome to city of Porto and the Grande Porto region !

    With this map you will be able to drive through the city of Porto and i...

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