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So you want to join our company? That is good, because we want you!

 GO Bus Virtual was founded back in July 2016 by GameBurrow, using the Advanced Omnibus Driver add-on, and has switched to the new Bus Company Simulator when it came out in late June this year. Since then we have grown a lot as a company and we have welcomed a lot of new drivers from all over the world. At the moment we have over 100 active drivers in the company.

We are always open for new people! If you are interested in joining, there are only two simple things you have to do:


This is what we offer as a company:


Of course we have a few rules in the company:


Take a moment to watch our promotional material, created by manager: Fulleylove. This is outdated, at this point, as we have since added more maps, and of course our webiste URL has been updated.

If you have any questions following this, you can always contact us on our on discord.

That is all and we hope to see you soon in the company!

GameBurrow - Founder
BlitzGaming, Fulleylove and Benji - Managers