New bus: Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400


After a lot of work from BMW_NJ and Sambob_12 Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400 is finally in the company. Like always, depot 8 for RHD buses. We are using a bit modified version. Install links and instructions like always on fleet page.

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BCS - February 2020 report


It's time for our February Bus Company Simulator report.

Genral statistics

AS you can see see our company's rating is less than it was in January 2020 (92,4% was then). Some have asked me, how does the company rating affect our company?

  • It limits how many maps we can have (currently adding extra map requires minimum of 86% rating, more maps we have, higher that rating requirement will be)
  • Our company will drop in the company listing so it is less likely that somebody will find our company.
  • Something positive also, our activity has moved up from low to normal.


    The rise in activity ...

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    Repaint finished: Masterbus Gemini 3

    OMSI 2

    Thanks to brilliant work by BMF_NJ and Sambob_12, Masterbus Gemini 3 now has full company repaint also.

    via Gfycat

    I have added the repaint link to fleet page and tomorrow I'm going to add it to full sync.

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    BCS - January 2020 report

    OMSI 2

    It's time for the first summary of 2020. A bit delayed, but here it is.

    General statistics

    As you can see, generally I can't complain about anything. Percentages are better than previously.


    As you can see, in January we lost some money, but nothing worrisome yet. Our revenue (as can be seen below) dropped which means less people drove. Expenses stayed around usual.


    This time I'm gonna be lazier, I'll only post the images.

    Our top maps of the month were:

    And least used maps (starting from bottom) were:

    We have added 3 new maps to the company also by the request of our driver...

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    New map: Krummenaab 2019

    OMSI 2

    Krummenaab map has returned to the company with it's new version which no longer is pain in the a** to install.

    Like always, you can find the download link in our maps list.

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    Hotfix released for Volvo 7700A FL

    OMSI 2

    Skinner_11 has released an hotfix for the Volvo 7700A FL.


  • Engine stalling fixed, no need for throttle on startup (huge thanks to scania_n270ub)
  • ZF Ecomat/Ecolife, Voith DIWA scripts and sounds for both versions (huge thanks to scania_n270ub)
  • Rear side matrix fixed for German version
  • Missing fonts included
  • New, better driver camera views (huge thanks to rodan)
  • Third door keyboard command -> bus_doorfront2, close all doors -> bus_doorfront3
  • You need the 0.9.9 version installed before applying this fix!

    Unpack to main OMSI 2 directory and overwrite all files

    You can fi...

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    New buses: Volvo 7700 FL and 7700A FL

    OMSI 2

    We are glad to announce, that our Volvo lineup is now bigger. Volvo 7700 Facelift from our AOD times is making a return and in addition we are adding the brand new Volvo 7700A Facelift.

    7700 Facelift is the bus that has been in our company before (in AOD times). It is older bus and mix of 3 different mods so there are issues (for example the IBIS isn't the most functional one and is extremely hard to use in dark). I waited until the release of the 7700A pack as originally that was supposed to be released with brand new 7700 single bus, sadly that wasn't the case so we have brought back the old...

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    BCS December 2019 report

    OMSI 2

    It's time for the data report of the December 2019 in Bus Company Simulator.

    While November was a good month for the company regarding company balance change, December was mostly neutral. But that is understandable as we had long holidays. Our company balance by the end of the December, was 1 002 487€. That is 42 000€ less than the month before it. Company rating at the time of writing this post is 87%.

    You can see full statistics in the following 2 images: -

    Top maps of December:

  • Fictional Szcezin (52 finished trips out of 66)...
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    BCS report - November 2019

    OMSI 2

    Before I start, I need give you all a big applause.

    Our activity and thus income this month has skyrocketed! I was thinking that OMSI is dying but I guess I was wrong.

    Here you can see our monthly balance

    As you can see, we have been stuck around 700k around most of the year, but this month we ended with over 1 million in company balance.

    With increased activity our rating though sadly has dropped

    Top drivers of the month are:

  • Scouse52 (earned 90 839€)
  • Cookie (earned 74 207€)
  • OllieEXS (earned 72 256€)
  • Majoras (earned 44 296€)
  • stonehold (earned 39 175€)
  • Some more details can be seen here...

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    Christmas events - results

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

    In total of 15 people have voted on our Christmas events poll and here is the result:

    I've selected following date for those who care confused: 29.nov - OMSI 2 6.dec - ATS 13.dec - OMSI 2 20.dec ETS 2

    There may be changes regarding ATS & ETS 2 as currently ATS latest version isn't MP compatible and soon ETS 2 update will release that may do the same. We'll see. Regarding OMSI 2, I'm thinking first date will be normal map and second will be UK map. LOTUS was only voted by me sadly.

    I'll post more info as it comes.

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