Name Map type Link Notes
Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated by davidm2412 Left hand drive Download

Driveable lines: 24 lines, 7 night lines (extendable with 20 extra lines and 2 extra night lines if all optional lines mods are installed)


Optional (extra lines that BCS supports)

Our small edit for the map to remove some annoyances:

Berlin BRT by Halycon Media Left hand drive Buy on Steam
Cotterell by UKDT Right hand drive Download

Requires: London Citybus 400R

Fikcyjny Szczecin V2 by MrYanke$ Left hand drive Download

DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK - ALTERNATIVE LINK (only use this if the main ones are not working for you)

Grande Porto 2021 1.0.0 by BrunoAlexLUX Left hand drive Download

WON'T BE IN COMPANY AFTER AUGUST 2023, replaced with 2022 version.

Turn of collisions with this map!

Grande Porto 2022 by BrunoAlexLUX Left hand drive Download

Previous versions of the map required collissions to be turned off, suspect it's the same for this


  1. Install needed extras first!
  2. Install the map the last REPLACE EVERYTHING THAT IS NECESSARY Read readme for more details and instructions

Needed extras

Hamburg Line 20 by Left hand drive Buy DLC on Steam

If you have all Hamburg DLCs I reccomend installing this linepack:
It includes lines from all of the DLCs (109 is renamed to 19) and in total it sets the amount of drivable lines to 23

Lincolnshire 0.91 by mrmoose Right hand drive Download
London by Rhys McCollin Right hand drive Buy on Steam
Route 24 London 1.1 by fan79 Right hand drive Download

Reccomended linepack:

"Fix for Pimlico Xtralines route 14 stops Pratt Street & Plender Street being wrong way around. Add this to maps\Pimlico\Chrono\xlines\TTData folder and overwrite existing file. Tested and it works allowing you to complete the trip "

Westcountry 3 3.03 by UKDT Right hand drive Download
Yorkshire Counties by Kyle Johnson Right hand drive Buy DLC on Steam