Name Map type Link Notes
Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated by davidm2412 Left hand drive Download

Driveable lines: 24 lines, 7 night lines (extendable with 20 extra lines and 2 extra night lines if all optional lines mods are installed)


Optional (extra lines that BCS supports)

You can find the depot file that supports all of the line addons here: Depot files

Belgrade by darmar, gibanica Left hand drive Download 4 drivable lines
Budapest-Delpest 5.0 by Milan5 Left hand drive Download


On unpacking multiple of us have gotten some errors, so far it it hasn't affected my gameplay 

Turn ticket selling to easy or off - this map uses very annoying currency.

Cotterell by UKDT Right hand drive Download

Required bus Volvo B9TL

Grande Porto 2021 1.0.0 by BrunoAlexLUX Left hand drive Download

Turn of collisions with this map!

If you want to use our OMSI Ai list generator tool, you need delete all ailist.cfg files in OMSI 2\maps\Grande Porto 2021\Chrono

Needed extra downloads:
Read readme for more detailed step-by-step install instructions.

London by Rhys McCollin Right hand drive Buy on Steam
Städtedreieck V3 by Das Städtedreieck-Team Left hand drive Download

(Mirror #1

Requires BMO Objekte + repaints + addon pack + more things from readme

Städtedreieck 21 1.0.1 by Gleiswechselbetrieb Left hand drive Download

Needed DLCs:

  • Rheinhausen
  • Köln
  • Hamburg Tag&Nacht
  • Aachen

Needed extra addons

Steinkirchen V2.1 by Hamburg-Harburg Left hand drive Download

If you have Hafencity, the map will use bikes

Westcountry 3 3.0 by UKDT Right hand drive Download
Yorkshire Counties by Kyle Johnson Right hand drive Buy DLC on Steam