Bus update: NEOMAN pack

Posted by GameBurrow on Sep 03, 2020 in OMSI 2

Neoman pack has gotten public update 2.1. Due to this update I had to rebuy all NEOMAN buses as there was a naming convention change. This means your bus permissions also reset

Affected buses are:

Additionally currently still patreon only A23 buses recently needed to be rebought for same reason

All mentioned buses (except the Neoplan) have a new updated repaint (V2.2) with new setvars (downloading for one of them, updates all of them).
Additionally all of the mentioned buses no longer have K++ destionation display. I've made our own fix for it: https://forum.gogroupvirtual.eu/d/146-neoman-k-functionality-re-enabler-mod
Should this patch not work for public release, please do let me know!