New map: Westcountry 3

Posted by GameBurrow on Mar 03, 2021 in OMSI 2

Westcountry 3 by UKDT has been added to the company.

Original description:

Welcome back to the Westcountry!
The wait is over, and now you can download the definitive version of this iconic map. We've expanded routes, introduced new features and made a whole host of improvements.

The name of the map has changed, as well - we've dropped 'Buses of the', and shortened it to just 'Westcountry', to reflect a revitalized and greatly improved map.

The greatest variety of any UK OMSI map
Featuring a mix of urban, interurban, rural and coastal driving across five routes, summing to over 4 hours of drive time:

  • 12: Paignton • Rodwick Down • Stoneley
  • 35: Paignton • Thornford Regis • Berry Pomeroy • Colstead • Totnes
  • X35: Paignton • Colstead • Totnes
  • 100: Middant Park And Ride
  • 122: Paignton • Ferncombe • Stoneley

A wide selection of features
Including ambient sound effects, gently animated waves, rocking boats in harbours, a unique faux-shadowing system and fully formatted PDF timetables.

"One-Touch Install"
This download requires no additional dependencies, even a bus is included. A simple drag-drop operation is all that's needed to install this map (see the enclosed user guide for full info).

More images on the download link (ommited)

Download link: