Steam summer sale

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 LOTUS OMSI 2

Steam summer sale has begun.

All OMSI DLCs and base game (except later ones like eBus and Bad Hügelsdorf) are 30% off.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are 75% off. All released DLCs are 30 - 70% off (even latest Black Sea and Utah DLCs are -30%).

No Discounts for LOTUS which is understandable as Early Access titles usually don't have discount.

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New repaint: MAN Lion's City DL


I'm proud to announce, that the first bus of LOTUS is now in our company paint. (I think this is actually one of the first repaints for the bus in Steam Workshop at all).

You can find it here:

The repaint has also been added to our GO Group Virtual - Repaints - Buses & GO Group Virtual - Multiplayer session collections for easier find.

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Christmas events - results

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

In total of 15 people have voted on our Christmas events poll and here is the result:

I've selected following date for those who care confused: 29.nov - OMSI 2 6.dec - ATS 13.dec - OMSI 2 20.dec ETS 2

There may be changes regarding ATS & ETS 2 as currently ATS latest version isn't MP compatible and soon ETS 2 update will release that may do the same. We'll see. Regarding OMSI 2, I'm thinking first date will be normal map and second will be UK map. LOTUS was only voted by me sadly.

I'll post more info as it comes.

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Christmas events - final days of poll

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

I would like to remind everybody, who still haven't voted on our Christmas events poll to do so. I will start counting the votes on this weekend (Sunday problably).

You can find the poll and plan about the events on this news post:

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Christmas events

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

As Christmas is nearing and we haven't done a lot of company events lately, I thought it's time to arrange some. However, this time I plan to go all out. We have 4 games, so there will be 4 events. Events are planned starting from Friday, 29.nov and are held every Friday evening (UTC) until 20.dec.

However as I know all people don't have all games in the company and you can't join for every event, thus I've opened up a doodle poll where I would like you guys to let me know which games and which days you could/want to attend.

Please answer to the poll here:

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LOTUS 20190927 200315.jpg

We are officially in LOTUS


It has happened. Our company has been officially expanded into LOTUS Simulator. This means I have registered our company in LOTUS Simulator and we also have our first repaint in Steam Workshop.

More info on how to join the company and how to get easy access to our mod collections, visit LOTUS section of our homepage.

On Discord we have also opened a channel where you can easily let others know if you are hosting a multiplayer session or want to join somebody.

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