Company report - November 2021

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 OMSI 2

OMSI 2 / Bus Company Simulator

Rating rose back over 70. Financially we lost this month even with the small company drive.

Favourite buses

Top 5 buses of this month were:

  • GO 5208 [MS] Masterbus (Yorkshire Counties) Veiling 3 - B8RLE (12.4m/Stealth) (driven distance 220 km)
  • GO 1502 Solaris Urbino U15 MOKI ZF Ecolife DAF Euro 6 (199 km)
  • GO 1837 Citybus O405G ZF (173 km)
  • GO 6212 [DLC] Studio Polygon 400MMC 10.3m (E40D/Voith) (141 km)
  • GO 5210 [MS] Masterbus (Yorkshire Counties) Veiling 3 - B8RLE (12.4m/Stealth) (134 km)
  • Best earning maps
  • Yorkshire (pure profit of 70 007€)
  • Ahlh...
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    New buses: MB O405 and O405G

    OMSI 2

    The company now offers the MB O405 and MB O405G to be driven!

  • MB O405 ZF (#1255) - Depot 3 Pos 9
  • MB O405G ZF (#1837) - Depot 3 Pos 10
  • We are using the ZF versions that come from this mod;

    Happy driving!

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    Company drive on Yorkshire pushed to next Friday

    Events OMSI 2

    We've decided to push our company drive on Yorkshire to next Friday (26th of November) due to too few people making it for tonight.

    Let us know if you can make it or not on the event in Discord:

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    New buses: Yorkshire DLC Veiling and Masterdeck

    OMSI 2

    I've bought both Yorkshire DLC Veiling & Masterdeck buses for the company (1 of each).

    In addition, I've taken on lease 2 extra YC Veilings and 1 extra YC Masterdeck bus as this map is popular at the moment plus we have company event planned on Yorkshire for today. The leased buses will be removed later on.

    All of them have been parked in Depot 7, spots 15, 17, 19 for Veiling and 18, 20 for Masterdeck.

    As always, repaint link on fleet page:

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    Company drive - OMSI 2 - Yorkshire Counties

    OMSI 2

    Our next company drive will take place on next Friday, map of our choice this time is the newly released Yorkshire Counties DLC.

    Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at worldtimebuddy.comwindow[wtb_event_widgets.pop()].init()

    Let us known on our Discord server's event if you're attending:

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    New map: Yorkshire Counties

    OMSI 2

    Yorkshire Counties has been added to BCS.

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    Company report - October 2021

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    In BCS things are still as gray as ever but some light is shinging. Our rating is still very low - 63%.

    As promised last month, this month a lot of maps got removed from the company. All of the removed maps either:

  • had updates waiting
  • where little used and lost us money
  • were constantly losing us money
  • This reduced our map extensions cost hugely and made some space for some new maps like: Budapest-Delpest, supposedly soon coming Yorkshire DLC etc. However sadly it was time to say goodbye to multiple iconic maps like Hamburg, X10, Fictional Szcezin

    Maps that were removed are:

  • Ahlheim 4
  • Berlin...
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    New map: Budapest-Delpest (Delpest 5.0)

    OMSI 2

    We have added Budapest-Delpest map as an update to Del-pest 4.0 map. A lot improvements, a lot of new lines. I'm also hoping it can make up for the removal of Fictional Szcezing with it's feel.

    List of lines Daytime normal bus lines
  • 85 - Köbánya-Kispest M <> Örs vezér tere M+H
  • 182 - Köbánya-Kispest M <> Alacskai úti lakótelep
  • 182A - Köbánya-Kispest M <> Gilice tér (Varjú utca)
  • 183 - Szemeretelep vasútállomás <> Pestszentlörinc, Szarvas csárda tér
  • 184 - Köbánya-Kispest M <> Pestszentimre, Benjámin utca
  • Daytime express bus lines
  • 85E - Köbánya-Kispest M <> Örs vezér tere M+H
  • 98E - Köbánya-Kis...
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    Company report - September 2021

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    First month of September and on BCS side news aren't good. We have gone under out critical line (balance under 1million, which we considered always as a reserve). We also have hit multiple all time low records. like:

  • Total completed trips: 87 (so far this number has been between 150 - 400)
  • Revenue of the month: 101k (so far lowest has been a bit over 200k)
  • All time low company rating: 66%
  • Our company rating is also very low, only 66%, which limits us adding any new maps.

    All of this means our BCS company is now at red mode, we are starting to make survival steps:

  • Starting from next end of ...
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    Company report - August 2021

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    Summer has ended and here's the last report for the summer. BCS side, we stayed in profit but that is because we did remove the maps that didn't bring us any money. Our rating dropped under 70% month but by the end of the month thankly it had risen back over 70%. Sadly it's still quite low and we are limited - for example we can't add new nor update existing maps.

    OMSI 2 / Bus Company Simulator

    As you can see our biggest it is from activity (that is also the most counting part of the rating) - that also explains low funds. Financially we have a small profit.

    Favourite buses

    Top 5 buses of th...

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