What is GO Group Virtual?

GO Group Virtual is casual virtual bus & trucking company.

OMSI - The Bus Simulator

GO Bus Virtual is part of the company that focuses on OMSI - The Bus Simulator's addon Bus Company Simulator.


GO Haulage is the part of the company that focuses on American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Bus Simulator 18

We don't have anything here yet, only repaint pack.


Once LOTUS Simulator multiplayer is released, we will hopefully also expand our company there.

News from our network

  • Look back at the year 2018 & future
    by GameBurrow on December 31, 2018 at 19:03

    Firstly, I would like to thank everybody who has been on board with us; without you lot, we wouldn’t be here. I will give you guys a brief summary of what has happened and what lies ahead. Finance This year has seen quite the ups and downs in the company. […]

  • Trial buses: MB Citaro C2Ü & C2K (3-door)
    by GameBurrow on December 31, 2018 at 17:59

    At the end of old year, we are putting into effect a new system for acquiring new buses. I’m calling it trial buses. Basically these buses will be put into company on lease and they won’t get company colors before later on. Why would I do this? There are several […]

  • Happy holidays
    by GameBurrow on December 22, 2018 at 18:50

    On behalf of GO Group Virtual management, I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas! Do not worry about being active, just go and enjoy your holidays! […]

  • New map: Ruhrau 2.0
    by GameBurrow on December 22, 2018 at 18:45

    We have added Ruhrau 2.0, as requested, to the company. I did stream the map today, it is quite nice map and easy to install. You can find a link to it on our maps page. You will need like usually the Hamburg DLC (not Hafencity) for it. Additionally you […]

  • SCS: International Christmas Gifts Delivery Event 2018
    by GameBurrow on December 17, 2018 at 17:15

    SCS once again is hosting Christmas delivery events for both ETS 2 & ATS. More can be read on their blog: https://blog.scssoft.com/2018/12/xmas-event-2018.htm […]