BCS Event - Celebrating Estonia

Posted by GameBurrow on Aug 07, 2020 in Events, OMSI 2

It has been a while since we did this kind of event so I thought we should have it.

In 2 weeks, 21nd of August, Estonian has it's reindependence day. The reason I've chosen Estonian holiday, is because our company is modeled after several Estonian bus companies.

To participate in the event, for the next 2 and half weeks choose a bus that is either used currently or has been used in past widely in Estonia. Of course OMSI hasn't all the buses so I'm increasing the list to have similar buses. Full list of event buses below:

List of qualifing buses

Make sure to make screenshots and share them on #screenshots-media channel on our Discord, use #event hastag together with the images. At the end of the event, I'll make an compilation of screenshots and showcase them on our homepage.

Of course participating in the event is fully optional. Event ends on Sunday evening, 23rd of August.