Company event: BCS Company drive

Posted by GameBurrow on Jan 22, 2021 in Events, OMSI 2

Originally we planned to do the event because we thought that January is our company's birthday, we learned today, it isn't. However we'll still do the company drive we were planning.

It's been very long time since we did a succesful company event, so next Friday, 29th of January 2021 we are doing a company drive on Fictional Szcezin, the first map that was added to our company! This map has no DLC requirements!

Event details

  • Game: OMSI / Bus Company Simulator
  • Map: Fictional Szczezin
  • Date and time of event: We begin on 19:00 UTC, Friday, 29th of January (see your timezone on the widget below)

Time converter at

Out of the box Fictional Szcezin has collision issues, make sure to install our fix from the map download page. Or if you use our map overhaul (or our new map overhaul tool), the fix is installed automatically.

What is company drive?

In the first several years of our company, it was an event were as many of us as possible will gather together on one map and drive together on lines that are near each other. Usually who can have been in our Discord voice chat (even if you don't have microphone) so we can chat with each other. Since this a prearranged event on prearranged times, this the perfect change to use BCS Trip Scheduling functionality to earn even more cash. These events are good way to give a big boost into our company's income also as activity is higher during them. We are hoping to revive these kind of events!

Please do tell us if you plan to participate down in the news comments!