1. Use only English as our language
  2. We want all our drivers to join our discord server.
  3. You are only allowed to share discord link to another server if it's connected to discussed topic or you've gained permissions before hand from the managers. 
  4. Advertisements to other virtual trucking companies or virtual bus companies are allowed if you've asked permission from GO managers
  5. OMSI specific rules
    1. If you feel that something doesn't work in the bus (heater, indicators, lights etc) and OMSI repair button does repair it, use the addon menu to report the problems and after you finish the trip move it to garage (5) from the depot so we can take a look at it. Also, please let us managers know about it.
    2. At the end of your trip, check that your bus isn't damaged:
      • If full beams do not work, one of the headlights is damaged
      • If blinker does not start at all, that side blinker is damaged
      • Check the doors (open and close exteremely slowly), engine (does not start at all), electronics (none of the electronics don't work at all), heating (doesn't work properly)
    3. Additionally move the bus to garage and fill the tank up and then return it to it's position
    4. While our company does not have activity requirement, we do kick twice a year folks who haven't driven for more than half a year (usually end of the year and in summer) - we consider this as you've lost interest and we want to lower the minimum rank to allow new people to join.
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator rules
    1. In multiplayer, follow all TruckersMP rules
    2. In multiplayer - drive properly (following traffic rules) and no trolling other players
    3. VTLog account & Logit is required
  7. Discord specific rules
    1. Please keep conversation topics in the right channels
    2. Music can only be listened in Music channel
    3. Bot commands can only be used in #bot-commands channel