Bus update: Citaro and Citaro Facelifts


Finally, a long overdue update has happened. We have updated our Citaro Facelifts (and 1 one non Facelift) to Morphi Citaro Facelift pack.

Buses that were replaced:

  • 1000 Citaro K Facelift > #1009 Citaro Facelift K 10m EL Voith
  • 1203 Citaro Facelift 3-door CNG > #1248 Citaro Facelift 12m Voith 3D CNG
  • 1302 Citaro Facelift Ü > #1247 Citaro Facelift 12m EL 3D
  • 1501 Citaro Facelift L > #1503 Citaro Facelift L 15m EL
  • 1802 Citaro G CNG > #1828 Citaro Facelift G 18m EL 4D
  • 2000 Citaro Facelift GL > #2005 Citaro Facelift GL 21M EL 4D
  • There are a lot improvements, but also some downsides to the update

  • R...
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    2 new maps: Belgrade and Del-Pest

    OMSI 2

    I'm sure a lot of us are tired of the many-many German maps in OMSI. I found 2 nice looking maps that are quite cheap for the company to add (basically for either of them 1-2 trips need to be done and the map has been paid for the entire month).


    First up is Belgrade. This map includes the western part of Belgrade, including real bus lines 15, 15N, 45 and 71. Beside driveble ones, the map contains 18 AI lines, cities and suburbans and one tram route.

    Bus line 15 (Zeleni Venac – Zemun Novi Grad)

  • connects city downtown and Zemun suburbs.
  • Bus line 15N (Zeleni Venac – Zemun Novi G...

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    All buses moved to new depos

    OMSI 2

    I have done the unthinkable! I have moved all buses in our depots to new positions (with the exception of 2 buses, that didn't move). You may problably be thinking, why I did this? Well, here are some reasons:

  • Moved similar buses together into same depot
  • Moved more frequently used buses nearer to the HQ and less used buses to furthest distances (for example Ikarus, Caetano's etc)
  • Managed to create a new extra depot for RHD buses without buying a new depot
  • MB Citaro's and MAN Lion's City's (both modern (NEOMAN) and first gen (MAN Citybus DLC) basically got their own depos
  • You can find the po...

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    New bus: Digibus Phantom

    OMSI 2

    After a long wait, it's finally done. Digibus Phantom has been added to the company depot of course with company repaint.

    You can find it in depot 8, postion 20. More info and download/buy links can be found at Buses page#6213

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    BCS - September 2020

    OMSI 2

    Here is the OMSI/BCS report for Setember.


    While our company rating is still over 90%, it has dropped from previous month.


    We lost significant amount of money this month due to activity being quite low.


    Top drivers of the month are:

  • bradm56 (Income of last 30 days 60 108€)
  • nk4443 (42 314€)
  • lil_sam2k18 (37 697€)
  • volvorider (32 077€)
  • DasVasker (27 592€)
  • Map

    Top maps for this month were:

  • Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated (Income 65 582€)
  • The South London Project (45 904€)
  • Julingen (33 480€)
  • Yorkshire (25 128€)
  • BotW (24 572€)
  • Worst income maps of this month are (from...

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    Introducing: Full company repaint package

    OMSI 2

    It's finally here - you can now download our all of our company repaints at the same time or choose to download a category only: LHD buses, RHD buses or US buses.

    You can find the link here:

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    New maps: Berlin BRT and The South London Project

    OMSI 2

    I've added the maps to the company:

    Berlin BRT

    Successor to X10 Berlin map. Some people have requested it so here it is. If the map does well in the company, I'll add it's version of the MAN DL bus also.

    You can find info about it here:

    The South London Project

    This is not addon London

    It is out of date parent version of addon London. It has now been officially uploaded to Fellowsfilms and we'll keep it in the company until London DLC is released.

    You can find info about it here:

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    Berlin BRT - you want it in the company or not?

    OMSI 2

    As Berlin BRT has been released, somewhat replacing X10 Berlin map, how many of you want the map in the company?

    Please vote on the poll in our forums:

    If I would add the map, I would need to add the MAN DL09 from this DLC also problably.

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    Repaint update: Neoplan N4516 (NEOMAN)

    OMSI 2

    It was brought to my attention, that the Neoplan N4516 2 door from NEOMAN pack was broken after last update. This coupled with the fact that there is now 3 door version of the bus made me to decide to replace the bus with 3-door one, which works.

    I still kept it with Euro 4 engine and Voith gearbox.

    Repaint has been updated to have the 3door version and setvars. You can find bus download link and repaint download link here: #1245

    Same instructions apply as for the rest of NEOMAN buses:

  • If you want to have back the K++ destination display support, use our mod:
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    Bus update: NEOMAN pack

    OMSI 2

    Neoman pack has gotten public update 2.1. Due to this update I had to rebuy all NEOMAN buses as there was a naming convention change. This means your bus permissions also reset

    Affected buses are:

  • Neoplan N4516 E3 2D Voith (#1245)
  • MAN Lion's City A21 E6 3 door '17 Voith (#1240)
  • MAN Lion's City A21 E6 CNG 3 door '17 ZF (#1241)
  • MAN Lion's City A37 E6 3 door Hybrid '17 (#1242)
  • MAN Lion's City A21 E6 2 door '17 ZF (#1243)
  • MAN Lion's City A20 E6 '17 Voith (#1315)
  • Additionally currently still patreon only A23 buses recently needed to be rebought for same reason

  • MAN Lion's City G A23 EEV 3-door (...
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