Mod update: Solaris Urbino IV K++


I've updated the Solaris Urbino IV K++ mod patch to work with latest versions.

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London is here


It's been a long wait, but here it is: London. The map has been added into the company and together with it several buses coming with it:

  • No 6214 New Routemaster (depot 7, pos 1)
  • No 6215 New Routemaster (depot 7, pos 2)
  • No 6216 Evocity (depot 7, pos 3)
  • No 6217 Citybus C400 (depot 7, pos 4)
  • No 5207 Citybus C200 (10.8m) (depot 7, pos 19)
  • If the need arises, we will add more buses

    All of the buses have the iconic London paint with GO Bus flavour. You can get the repaint from our fleet page like usual. You need to download the repaint only once, all the mentioned buses come with single repaint ...

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    Compatibility patch: MB Conecto sound and logo mods

    OMSI 2

    I've posted instructions and patch to make Morphi's soundmod and ALTPEKMODS Logo mod's work with BCS.

    You can find the instructions here:
    It's also listed on our extra mods page:

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    BCS - November 2020

    OMSI 2

    It's report time!


    Our company rating has increased compared to previous month.

    Financially we did better than October, a whopping 50k increase. Can we get back over a million?


    Top drivers of the month are:

  • bradm56 (Income of last 30 days 51 643€)
  • cameron2003859 (36 955€)
  • volvorider (30 574€)
  • DasVasker (30 101€)
  • Thehillsman25 (28 358€)
  • bradm56 once again took our top spot!


    Top maps for this month were:

  • Yorkshire (Income 29 223€)
  • The South London Project (28 258€)
  • Julingen (25 830€)
  • BotW (25 288€)
  • Ahlheim & Laureznbach Updated (23 317€)
  • Worst income maps of this mo...

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    New buses: MB Conecto / Kajot Citybus

    OMSI 2

    They have arrived, Kajotsoft's latest buses: Kajot Citybus 628 series (in OMSI name) or in real world MB Conecto Second generation buses.

    We have chosen Euro 6 6AP configuration. Standard cabin, not big one. I've copied over the manual to our wiki also:
    You'll especially need instructions on how to operate the IBIS (it's the same as SU PL pack and Kajot's Jelcz buses use)

    Buses are parked in our Mercedes depot, depot 4. Positions 11 and 12. Repaint link and more detailed info, l...

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    Holiday's competition

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General OMSI 2

    I would like to announce an competition for our main games. Top driver of the month for December 2020 for each of our trackable game, will win a free DLC of that game of the winner's choice. So you need to be:

  • Top driver in our OMSI 2 BCS company to win a OMSI 2 DLC of your choice.
  • Top driver in ETS 2 (trips logged via TrucksBook) to win an ETS 2 DLC of your choice
  • Top driver in ATS (trips logged via TrucksBook) to win a ATS DLC of your choice.
  • We will be choosing the winners based on statistics of December 2020. Gifts will be delivered through Steam so the DLC has to be available through St...

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    New map: Grande Porto 2020

    OMSI 2

    GO Bus has gone south, a new map has been added in BCS: Grande Porto 2020

    This is a map of Porto and the Grande Porto region! On this map, you'll be able to drive in the city of Porto and its surroundings, including a town in Spain, all with 9 driveable lines from 3 different companies:

    STCP (Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto):
  • 307 - Marquês <> Carcereira/Viso
  • 503 - Marquês <> Gatões
  • 509 - Boavista <> Lavouras (via Custóias)
  • ZG - Gatões <> Custóias (via Guifões)
  • 14M - Boavista <> Enxinhães
  • Maré (de Matosinhos):
  • 127 - Viso <> A Porreira (E)
  • TUP (Transportes Urbanos do Prado):
  • 92...
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    BCS - October 2020

    OMSI 2

    General info

    This month overall we lost around 30k. Company rating has dropped below 90%. Biggest rating hit seems to be from passenger satisfaction. That means you aren't driving carefully, interior lights aren't turned on (all of them) and your temperature in the bus may be wrong (in OMSI 20-21C is the preffered temperature for the passengers)

    Employees Top drivers this month were:
  • bradm56 (Earned money in last 30 days: 62 781€)
  • PICCO17 (42 620€)
  • DasVasker (40 222€)
  • volvorider (39 662€)
  • BMF_NJ (31 751€)
  • Maps Top maps this month were
  • The South London Project (pure income of 36 064€)
  • BotW...
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    Plans for next month: Map and vehicle cuts

    OMSI 2

    Some heads up about planned changes coming in next month

    We won't be extending following maps for the next month:

  • Manly ACT Three
  • München
  • Rheinhausen
  • All of them have been in the red for at least last 4 months

    X10 Berlin & Berlin BRT - unless both map surprise us with not being in the red only one of the maps will remain, the one who is less in the red. And then we'll keep monitoring if the staying map can come out of red, if not we'll remove the other one also in following months. X10 Berlin has been in the red most of the months sadly and initally seems that Berlin BRT is following same tr...

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    New bus: VDL Citea LLE 12m

    OMSI 2

    You asked, you got it. Another new addition to depot is just released VDL Citea LLE bus. Fully in company paint. It uses a bit enchanced version of standard destination display, carries 51 passengers and has automatic gearbox.

    Like always download repaint and download link can be found on fleet page (click here to jump directly to it)

    It carries fleet number 1317, is parked in garage 8, position 12 (almost near it's brother VDL Ambassador).

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