Freedom of choice

No activity requirement

Our company is registered at TrucksBook. Using that is mandatory for all our members.

TrucksBook client is what logs your trips into our company.

Company in TrucksBook
More info & tutorials you can find in our wiki:
TrucksBook in our Wiki

We do not force anybody to use TruckersMP nor singleplayer. We do not force people to use mods. Company repaints are also optional.

The freedom is yours, choose what you like best!

It’s up to you when and how much you want to play. We are all here to have fun and enjoy!


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Our main HQ is located in Tallinn, Estonia.
Secondary EU HQ is Berlin, Germany

Our company also owns the Malmö, Sweden HQ as that used to be our main HQ

American Truck Simulator

US HQ is located at Los Angeles, California


We have adapted offial non-DLC paintjobs for our company use so that the trucks look same both in multiplayer and for all players. Our coloscheme is dark blue, light blue and green. Read instructions here:
Official company paintjobs for ETS 2 & ATS