Optional K++ for Iveco Crossway Released


I'm pleased to announce that there is now an optional K++ modification for Iveco Crossway LE released, which I modified so you can use it BCS and you can find here:Extra mods

Additionally, if you downloaded the bus before 3rd of August, you are going to need to re-download it or download the patch from Download page.

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  • Aug 15, 2019 07:08
  • GameBurrow

New bus: MAN Lion's City A25


We have another bus from Lion's City family, but this time it's a 15m version intercity/urban beast. The bus is still in Beta but fairly okay.

You will also notice that this time around the repaint is different compared to other urban buses. That's because Adalbero, our original urban design author, has been missing in action for a very long time and none of us really can properly replicate that paint, thus I made a new one.

The bus is parked in depot 6 and is designated number 1600. It doesn't have K++ destination display sadly.

Some neat extra info: The steering wheel is adjustable with...

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  • Aug 14, 2019 20:08
  • GameBurrow

Updated Solaris buses


There has been a massive switcharound with our Solaris buses. All of them changed due to SU PL Megapack and Electri Family pack updates.


  • U10 has been replaced with the updated Euro 5 version
  • U15 and U18 have been replaced with their respective Euro 6 Ecolife versions.
  • U12 Hybrid was replaced with U12 Euro 6 Ecolife (we decided to not use the Hybrid because the model doesn't look like the Hybrid and we have Electric versions also)
  • U12 Electric has been replaced with the one from Electri Family pack
  • U18 Electric has been added

Additionally all of the buses received a repaint update. Th...

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  • Aug 14, 2019 16:08
  • GameBurrow

Insurance contract terminated


We have decided to terminate our insurance contract in Bus Company Simulator due to it being extremely costly (I remember wrongly how much it costs for the company) and damages on the buses have been mostly on the cheaper side and there are a lot less of them so it doesn't justify keeping especially on current times when our balance is decreasing.

It will terminate on 05.09.2019 15:18 company time

How much did it actually cost for us?

As you can see from the image in thumbnail it costed us 43€ per day per bus. So we have 78 buses and on avarage there are 30 days in a month. So it costed us: ...

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  • Aug 09, 2019 14:08
  • GameBurrow

New trial bus: Iveco Crossway LE


A new trial bus has been added to the company. Our first Iveco bus, Iveco Crossway LE. We borrowed ourselves the Schnellbus version because that has air conditioning installed on top.


Download link, position in the depot can be found like always on the Fleet page

IBIS login details

Fahrernummer: 6924
Pin: 5173

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  • Jul 29, 2019 20:07
  • GameBurrow

Ahlheim and Laurenzbach new lines


I've updated our maps page to include all Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated line addons that are supported by BCS.

Our AI-list overhaul and Depot file has been updated updated also!

Here's a full list of extra lines added over the 3 extensions and yes BCS supports all of them:

Line mod V2 (previously existing lines mod)

  • AE (Airport Express): Ahlheim Hbf - Derenhofen - Laurenzbach Hbf - Flughafen (~50 min)
  • E: Ahlheim Hbf - ICB-Halle (only on Saturday)(~10 min)
  • 23: Ahlheim Hbf - Laurenzbach Hbf - Willy-Brandt-Platz (~65 min)
  • NE48: Flughafen - Laurenzbach Hbf - Ahlheim Hbf (~55 min, direct line)
  • NE...

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  • Jul 21, 2019 15:07
  • GameBurrow

MAN Lion's City Pack update


I'm glad to announce that our Lion's City Pack has been updated. It is now merged with Sobol's update 1.21. Due to this, there have been some changes with the buses in our depot:

  • No 1237 MAN Lion's City A21 Euro 6 has been updated. Old permissions stayed.
  • No 1238 MAN Lion's City A21 Euro 6 CNG has been replaced with MAN Lion's City A37 Hybrid, thus new permissions will need to be aquired.
  • No 1822 MAN Lion's City A23 Euro 6 articulated bus has been replaced with MAN Lion's City A23 EEV, because the new update broke the version we used before. New permissions will need to be aquired.
  • A new smal...

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  • Jul 10, 2019 22:07
  • GameBurrow

Several buses removed and crisis is upon us


As I posted in May's Monthly report I planned to remove several of the company buses depeding on how the company does for the next month.

The month has now ended and the news aren't good. As you can see from the image below...


...things aren't looking good. Our company's balance is rapidly falling (fast) and this has resulted in me removing in total of 18 buses. List of all removed buses can be found on our fleet page, if you click on the Graveyard tab.

Should our company balance drop even more, we will need to remove even more (and this time we problably need to attack the maps also or insur...

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  • Jun 27, 2019 17:06
  • GameBurrow

Minimum rank to join dropped significantly


At the time of writing this post, minimum rank to join the company is now as low as 4 (compared to usual 8-10) as we did our half-yearly cleanup.

For future references, while our company does not have a required minium rank to join, we do clean up members who haven't driven more than half of last year twice a year (usually once at the end of it and once in summer) to lower the employee count, thus lowering minimum required rank to join (exceptions are members who have notified us of their absence).

All members who have been kicked, if you are back once again, feel free to return.

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  • Jun 05, 2019 18:06
  • GameBurrow

BCS Poll: Do you want a feature that penalties players who don't report damages?


Pedepe team has started a poll on PeDePe forums, should they add a feature that:

If a bus has been damaged by a user and has not reported the defect, a higher assumption of the repair costs (in%) would be due than if the user reported the defect. (eg 20 when reporting the repair value and 80% when not reporting the repair value). Thus, other users would be spared potential annoyance when they want to start their tour with a half-broken bus.

You're welcome if you like the feature.

It is all about the message on the premises. Not while driving in the info bar.

Translated with Google Translate


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  • Jun 05, 2019 08:06
  • GameBurrow