Monthly report - July 2023

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

Many of you have noticed that it's been a while since I made a last report about the company. It's not that I've forgotten you - I've just been quite busy and the excel sheet we used as a base for BCS report - hasn't needed updating as we now have most of the info ingame.

However, it's time for the report to come back!

Bus Company Simulator

Strangely enough our company rating is doing quite good, but our finances have steadily continued to drop. Sadly this does mean I will need to once again remove non-profitable maps.

Favourite busses

Most driven buses since March 2023

  • GO 6212 Studio Poly...
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    Monthly report - March 2023

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 OMSI 2

    On BCS side as you can see, compared to last month - everything is up. We had a very slight increase in profit, Rating is also up to 78%. ETS 2 saw quite low usage this month, ATS none at all.

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    MAN New Lion's City repaint update and added 21C

    OMSI 2

    Updated the repaints to be properly compatible with the latest update and added the secret addition of the fictional 21m bus

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    Monthly report - Dec 2022, Jan & Feb 2023

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    It's been a vey long time since our last report. I've been busy with various things and broke our report sheet.

    Bus Company Simulator

    Compared to when I made our last report, our taings have stayed the same mostly. Financially we have lsot money overall and are now under what I consider the red line. I have slowly been removing buses that have not been used for more than half a year when they have reached the maintenance cycle.

    Favourite buses December 2022
  • Hamburger Stadtbus Elektro-Gelenkbus - HHA 2021 (Driven distance 143 km)
  • Mercedes-Benz Release ...
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    New map: Villeumol 0.9

    OMSI 2

    Map description translated using DeepL:

    Welcome to Villeumol!

    Villeumol is a fictitious Belgian map that was created on OMSI 1 in 2012. But restarted from scratch under OMSI 2. On this timeless map of location (and logic) you will certainly find something to entertain you.

    It is possible to move from an urban landscape to an airport setting, through the countryside and heavy industrial areas in a single line.

    You won't be able to get into trouble down here if you dare to climb Mont Villeumol to the depths of Harvignies. But beware, think of taking a powerful engine.

    A family outing is a...

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    Buses replaced: MB Citaro C2-s

    OMSI 2

    During the webdisk advent calendar, a new freeware Citaro C2 pack was released. As I missed it I didn't have a chance to look into it. But now it has been released publicly and just wow. The pack was well made, has many different variations and is free! Thus we decided to replace all of our Hamburg and Rheinhausen Citaro C2-s, with this free version (eCitaros are untouched).

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    Re-added: MB O405N2 & O405GN2 by Julian

    OMSI 2

    As requested by one of our drivers I've readded the Julian's MB O405 buses. Both buses are in depot 3, next to the O405 and O405G.

  • Link to O405N2:
  • Link to O405GN2:
  • Links to extra mods: For example my fix that makes the O405N2 support OMSI 2 stop announcements and K++ fix

    Right now they use our old repaints, if they get enough use, I'll update the repaints.

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    Monthly report - August & September 2022

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    Delayed, but here is the report fot August and July.

    Bus Company Simulator

    Financially we were losing money again so in Discord we made a team decision to raise the company and driver share to 75 - 25, meaning more money goes to the company and less to driver. This helps us to stay in the green and we don't need to remove maps. September balance seems high, because the map extensions again got pushed into October, that is the balance you need to look at.

    Company rating has been on the rise.

    Favourite buses August 2022
  • GO 1260 Solaris IV Gen Pack - Actia2 Urbino 12 / 3D / Electric (D...
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    Monthly report - July 2022

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    It's time for the July 2022 report.

    Bus Company Simulator

    We were late in extending the map licenses this month so you have to look the August balance to see the correct number. We lost both in rating and financially this month. Financially we are very close to our red line, which is company balance under 500 thousand.

    Favourite buses
  • GO 5209 [MS] Masterbus Veiling 2 - B7RLE 2DR (Ecomat/E4) (Driven distance 209.88 km)
  • GO 1840 Scania Aktiebolag Citywide 18LF 4D Bode (204.21 km)
  • GO 1259 Scania Aktiebolag Citywide 12LF 3D (145.39 km)
  • GO 1258 Irisbus Citelis 12 3P EEV ZF (135.5 ...
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    New buses: Solaris Urbino IV Electric

    OMSI 2

    Sobol's Solaris Urbino IV Electric buses have been added to the company. At this moment, the buses are available only for Sobol's Patreons. We added 12 IV 3D Electric and 18 IV 4D Electric versions.

    Download instructions and repaint link can be found like always on our fleet page:

    Both buses are parked in depot 8. Positions 17 and 18. Next to the Ruhr Solaris IV buses.

    Do keep in mind that they are early access buses so bugs are expected.

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