What are we?

GO Group Virtual is a virtual bus & trucking company (possibly even wider in the future). Currently our main focus is on OMSI 2- The Bus Simulator, but we do have VTC for American & Euro Truck Simulator 2. Once LOTUS will be released we will be looking at the possibilities that offers and problably expand there.


AOD Period

GO Bus Virtual was founded on 18th of July, 2016 on Advanced Omnibus Driver addon for a game called OMSI 2- The Bus Simulator. We branched off from a virtual bus company from the same addon called Original Omnibus Company (in short OOC), which was lead by Eamons85. Reasons being as that company was quite British focused (a lot of double decker buses etc) and I felt I wanted a bit of twist, so we branched off with the aim of having different kind of maps and buses (Morphi Citaro packs, Solaris Urbino Polish Megapack, Fictional Szczezin etc) to expand the choices of the members. The company is heavily inspired by TAK and 

Rough start on BBS

Once Bus Company simulator for OMSI 2 (in short BBS) released in the summer of 2017, the 2 companies merged again as OOC closed down and both companies were transferred together into BBS under the colors of GO Bus Virtual. That merger didn't go well as a lot of OOC members didn't enjoy the maps and buses we had and limited funds in BBS (compared to AOD, we had a lot less to play with and monthly expenses didn't help it also) didn't allow us to add them as fast as they liked. Thus at one point another split happened and most of the folks who came over from OOC went over to Eirebus, which was once again ran by Eamons85. 

GO Group Virtual

However things continued happily and we continued growing. At the end of 2017 we renamed the company to GO Group Virtual with the plans to expand into American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. The name also fits better once LOTUS is released as that will have buses, trams, trains and more.