New map: Julingen

Posted by GameBurrow on Jul 18, 2020 in OMSI 2

As requrested we have added Julingen 5.0 map to the company. It will be on 3 month trial to see if we start earning with the map or not.

The map includes 13 lines and 13 small towns. The main line, line 174, passes through virtually the entire map. With a journey time of approx. 130 minutes per route, it travels from Julingen via Krudenburg, Hackstadt, Kielfeld, Heinzdorf, Besen, Derneburg, Hanswill, Eremietensiedlung, Breverick and Gruven via the Gruvener Hochbrücke to the maritime tourist village Gruvener Strand. According to our community member @binaya64, you can earn some serious bucks with that line.

No additional maps or addons are required. Only the official DLC citybus O305 is mandatory. Everything else is included in the package!