Monthly report - April 2022

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Bus Company Simulator

Thankly our rating is higher than it previously was. We did lose on the money balance because of the Iveco DLC buses.

Favourite buses
  • GO 1256 IRISBUS LOW ENTRY FAMILY (Urban) Urban 12.8 | 2-2-2 | Type A (Driven distance 147.8 km)
  • GO 1255 Citybus O405_ZF (139.2 km)
  • GO 1318 IRISBUS LOW ENTRY FAMILY (Sub Urban) Sub Urban 12 1-2-0 (121.9 km)
  • GO 1100 IRISBUS LOW ENTRY FAMILY (Sub Urban) Sub Urban 10 1-2-0 (107.4 km)
  • GO 6210 [V3D] Alexander GOBus B7TL - ALX400 (250hp) K++ 1(78.7 km)
  • Favourite Maps
  • Städtedreieck 21 (Map profit calculated from 3 months a...
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    New buses: Irisbus LE Family

    OMSI 2

    First set of new buses have been added to the company, they are all from the Irisbus LE Family. All of them have been configured with automatic gearbox and latest engine. I added 2 sub-urban buses (10m and 12m) and one 1 urban type (12.8m). All of them are Diesel powered.

    Buses added are:

  • #1100 Sub Urban LE | 10 | 1-2-0 - Capacity 37 passengers
  • #1317 Sub Urban LE | 12 | 1-2-0 - Capacity 45 passengers
  • #1256 Urban LE | 12.8 | 2-2-2 | Type A - Capacity 51 passengers
  • All of the buses are in our brand new garage - garage number 9.


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    New map: Grande Porto 2021

    OMSI 2

    Grande Porto is back in the company, this time updated version that is hosted on OMSI Webdisk and has nice readme that has English instructions also.

    Who aren't aware, this a nicely made portugese map that is huge in OMSI terms (47 lines) but runs very well. It's detailed, unique and has a lot of different areas. It's also a lot more hilly than other OMSI 2 maps.

    The only downside this map has, it needs to have collisions turned off.

    Original map desciption:

    Hello and welcome to city of Porto and the Grande Porto region !

    With this map you will be able to drive through the city of Porto and i...

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    Monthly report - March 2022

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    Bus Company Simulator

    Thanks to the efforts of multiple people, who managed to gather minimum 2 trips per day, we have recovered our company rating. State of finances is fairly neutral (April balance is lower compared March because map extension bills (95 000€) were payed today on 1st April.

    Favourite buses
  • GO 1838 Hamburger Stadtbus Elektro-Gelenkbus - HHA 2021 (Driven distance 112.7 km)
  • GO 1254 MAN NLC Stadtbus Solobus - 3 Türer - 12C - Voith (87.05 km)
  • GO 5204 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC (11.5m) (71.9 km)
  • GO 6212 Studio Polygon 400MMC 10.3m (E40D/Voith) (58.4 km)
  • GO...
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    New bus: MB eCitaro G

    OMSI 2

    The MB eCitaro G (articulated electric bus) from the Hamburg Line 20 DLC has been added to the company!

    Repaint (and optional K++) are available on our fleet page, like always:
    The K++ mod right now seems to have an issue that the right side display does not display line number for some reason.

    Our OMSI Tool already supports the bus also.

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    New map: Städtedreieck 21

    OMSI 2

    Finally - multiple folks have focused on driving at we have gotten our company rating high enough so that we can add an updated version of Städtedreieck V3 map.

    Of course, we would also like to make Städtedreieck21, where 21 stands for 21st century, available to you outside of the Advent calendar. This is an extension of the map Städtedreick V3, which we have revised and fundamentally rebuilt at many points. Some areas, such as Sisselsforst-Königsforst, have been completely rebuilt and provide more fun and variety. Many lines have also been rebuilt, re-timed and timed, and new lines have been...

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    Monthly report - January & February 2022

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 OMSI 2

    Both January and February monthly reports are together this time as I'm missing some data for january,

    Bus Company Simulator

    The situation is bad, very bad. All finances we gained in the December's event are gone. Company rating is the all time lowest, only 50% and it's dropping. Latter prevents us from adding any new maps to the company (for example Städtedreieck update).

    Favourite buses January 2022
  • GO 5208 [MS] Masterbus (Yorkshire Counties) Veiling 3 - B8RLE (12.4m/Stealth) (Driven distance 116 km)
  • GO 1803 Scania Citywide GN13 BioEthanol 360hp (98 km)
  • GO 1837 Citybus O405G_ZF (...
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    New map: Steinkirchen

    OMSI 2

    We've added a new map to the company!

    You can now expect three regular lines with travel times of up to 60 minutes, which travel city and intercity. There is a sophisticated timetable concept with many different routes.

    In addition, there is the Hörnleshuttle on the Vermunt road, the coach for school groups from the youth hostel and various school bus routes to the elementary school in Steinkirchen and Partenen.

    Along the route you can experience many details such as running steam locomotives and cable cars, as well as cyclists

    Download link:

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    Company report - December 2021

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

    Time for the company report for the end of the 2021. BCS side of the company did really well.

    OMSI 2 / Bus Company Simulator

    Our rating rose a lot, problably due to the Christmas BCS event. This is an extremely good step forward!

    I'm glad to also announce that we finished the event milestone!

    Sadly the finances don't reflect nicely our progress because I made the mistake of not expanding the maps on the time, meaning map extension costs went into January, thus December taxes were high due to revenue / expenses ratio being out of balance.

    Favourite buses

    Top 5 buses of this month were:

  • GO ...
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    Merry christmas

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General OMSI 2

    On behalf of our staff team, I would like to wish everybody Merry christmas!

    Make sure to enjoy your holidays and do not worry about any activity! But for those who do enjoy some gaming over the the holidays, then there's something for everybody:

  • In Bus Company Simulator there is a Christmas event going on, I reccomend using that to take your trips to enjoy more prices and maybe, just maybe we could get the bar high enough for the company also :) Event will end on 9th of January
  • Both ETS 2 and ATS have also a Christmas Toys Event going on. For a personal goal, delive at least 15 gifts in ETS ...
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