New map: Liepaja 2020

Posted by GameBurrow on Aug 04, 2020 in OMSI 2

So, I accidentally managed to somehow add us a new map. The map is called Liepaja 2020.

The map isn't in very high quality, but after playing with it a bit, I actually find it kinda interesting (it could be that it's a real city in Latvia, which is next to my country) and I'm going to keep playing with it at least while we have it to see if that interest stays or not. I would say it has a similar feel than Fictional Szczezin but quality is not as high.

It does however have:

  • 43 bus lines (including 1 night line, 4 technical lines and few longer distance lines)
  • 1 tram line (which isn't drivable in BCS like with any other map, but you can drive it outside BCS and AI drives on it)

It required some tweaking to get working, everything needed to get things properly working can be found in our maps page. It does however require X10 Berlin and Metropole Ruhr.

I do however reccomend replacing the ticket pack or deleting voices of existing, they are "a bit too loud and strange" to say it politely.

Will this accidentally added map stay in the company or not, will depend how it performs in the company for this month. I did also make a company map ai list for the map also: