New map: Grande Porto 2021

Posted by GameBurrow on Apr 09, 2022 in OMSI 2

Grande Porto is back in the company, this time updated version that is hosted on OMSI Webdisk and has nice readme that has English instructions also.

Who aren't aware, this a nicely made portugese map that is huge in OMSI terms (47 lines) but runs very well. It's detailed, unique and has a lot of different areas. It's also a lot more hilly than other OMSI 2 maps.

The only downside this map has, it needs to have collisions turned off.

Original map desciption:

Hello and welcome to city of Porto and the Grande Porto region !

With this map you will be able to drive through the city of Porto and its surroundings, in the 6 municipalities of the region, including a village in Spain, in 47 lines of 13 different companies (+4 internal STCP lines for personnel transport).

You will have a great variety of landscapes, from the old city of Porto, up to more rural places, with groves and wheat fields. Many places like Ermesinde, Guifões and Águas Santas were recreated close to reality, always with a bit of imagination. Other places like Prado, Redondelo and Lavouras were totally invented.

Some basic informations:

  • More than 100 kms of roads to drive
  • 47 lines from 13 companies, with 120+ routes in total, including 2 tram and 4 personnel transport lines
  • Hundreds of AI lines, all based on real timetables
  • Portuguese speaking passengers, with modified textures
  • Chrono Events depicting the changes of the STCP fleet

Download link & instructions:
I reccomend reading the map readme, it's very detailed, even lists all drivable lines and their reccomended buses.