New map: Ahlheim 4

Posted by GameBurrow on Apr 24, 2021 in OMSI 2

The update to the original Ahlheim (not Ahlheim & Laurenzbach) has been released and we added it into the company to see how people will accept it.

Like always, download link is on our maps page:, it has multiple required addons, make sure to read the readme.

Our OMSI tool now has support for the map also so you can skip the required buses part if you plan to use our tool to replace the buses with our company ones.

Map description:

Ahlheim is a fictional city in western North Rhine-Westfalia. The local bus company AVG (Ahlheimer Verkehrsgesellschaft) and the subcontractor Rostorf Reisen run all about 44 bus lines (29 day- and 15 night bus lines).

The map is both historical and structural constructed as realistic as possible. As you can drive on all lines of the AVG in the whole city area you may feel yourself like a real bus driver in the city of Ahlheim while you are energetically supporting the AVG on the bus depots Eichenhöhe and Kranenburg. Circulation cards, plans of the line networks and operational fiats support you and give you a realistic game experience.