Buses replaced: MB Citaro C2-s

Posted by GameBurrow on Dec 28, 2022 in OMSI 2

During the webdisk advent calendar, a new freeware Citaro C2 pack was released. As I missed it I didn't have a chance to look into it. But now it has been released publicly and just wow. The pack was well made, has many different variations and is free! Thus we decided to replace all of our Hamburg and Rheinhausen Citaro C2-s, with this free version (eCitaros are untouched).

Our Citaro C2 fleet now consists of:

  • #1010 MB Citaro C2 K Euro 6 - small city/intercitybus, capacity 87 passengers
  • #1261 MB Citaro C2 3-door Euro 6 - 12m citybus, 96 passengers
  • #1319 MB Citaro C2 LE M UE Euro 6 - 13m intercity LE bus, 107 passengers
  • #1843 MB Citaro C2 G 4-door Euro 6 - 18m citybus, 150 passengers
  • #1900 MB Citaro C2 G UE Euro 6 - 18m intercity bus, 151 passengers, first bus of this type in our company
  • #2006 MB Citaro C2 Capacity GL Euro 6 - 21m citybus, 201 passengers

Click on any of the fleet numbers to find the download link for the buspack and repaint link. Or just search for Citaro C2 on our fleet page.

I'll upload a K++ compatibility patch once somebody releases it.