New map: Villeumol 0.9

Posted by GameBurrow on Feb 10, 2023 in OMSI 2

Map description translated using DeepL:

Welcome to Villeumol!

Villeumol is a fictitious Belgian map that was created on OMSI 1 in 2012. But restarted from scratch under OMSI 2. On this timeless map of location (and logic) you will certainly find something to entertain you.

It is possible to move from an urban landscape to an airport setting, through the countryside and heavy industrial areas in a single line.

You won't be able to get into trouble down here if you dare to climb Mont Villeumol to the depths of Harvignies. But beware, think of taking a powerful engine.

A family outing is always fun and delights the kids, so opt for a day at the theme park. But if you don't like the journey and the paid parking, don't bother with your car. Take the train to Villeumol station and board the P+R shuttle which will take you to your favourite park in no time.

Like any self-respecting company, it goes without saying that you will provide circular shuttle services or school transport and other special services with adapted vehicles.

If you're a sports fan, take a coach decorated in the colours of your favourite club and take your fellow fans to the local stadium.

Treat yourself to a snowy getaway or an afternoon at the beach with the Bay/Ski shuttles operated by our local private coach company.

Before boarding your plane to a dream destination or for business, relax in one of our prestigious Casino Hotels by taking one of the many airport shuttles available.

Have fun and relax!

The map has 20 drivable lines. Including night and school bus line.

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