Repaint update: MAN Lion's City DL09 (DD)


I have released a critical repaint update for the MAN Lion's City DL09 bus as one of the updates had broken it.

You can find the updated link here:

If you had previous version installed
Replace the following file:
in the following folder:
OMSI 2\Vehicles\MAN_DL05\Model
This is the original file from the DLC, our previous repaint overwrote it

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All download links back up


All of our internal download links are back online and working. Thank you for your patience.

Thankly all files were in Trash Bin and I had to restore them using web interface. Since there were over 40k files, the web interface kept crashing all the time, that's why it took so much time.

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All download links down


All of our internal download links are down ( links). Something has happened on our cloud provider host and even I can't see them.

I've notified them of the issue and hopefully we'll get backup restored and they can fiqure out why it happened. I'll keep you posted when I get more info.

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New bus: Setra S319 UL


The bigger brother of Setra S313 UL (#1308) is now in the company after several requests. It's a 15m old-school intercity bus with manual transmission. Like always download link and repaint can be seen on our fleet page: #1601

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Repaint update: Masterbus Gemini


Took a while, but it's finally here. Thanks to Sambob Masterbus Gemini 3 has been rebought and repaint has been updated.

You can find the repaint like always on our fleet page:

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BCS Event - Celebrating Estonia

Events OMSI 2

It has been a while since we did this kind of event so I thought we should have it.

In 2 weeks, 21nd of August, Estonian has it's reindependence day. The reason I've chosen Estonian holiday, is because our company is modeled after several Estonian bus companies.

To participate in the event, for the next 2 and half weeks choose a bus that is either used currently or has been used in past widely in Estonia. Of course OMSI hasn't all the buses so I'm increasing the list to have similar buses. Full list of event buses below:

List of qualifing buses
  • Ikarus 260 (#1216)
  • Ikarus 280 (#1810)
  • MAN Lion'...
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    New map: Liepaja 2020

    OMSI 2

    So, I accidentally managed to somehow add us a new map. The map is called Liepaja 2020.

    The map isn't in very high quality, but after playing with it a bit, I actually find it kinda interesting (it could be that it's a real city in Latvia, which is next to my country) and I'm going to keep playing with it at least while we have it to see if that interest stays or not. I would say it has a similar feel than Fictional Szczezin but quality is not as high.

    It does however have:

  • 43 bus lines (including 1 night line, 4 technical lines and few longer distance lines)
  • 1 tram line (which isn't drivable...
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    Trucking - July 2020 report

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2

    For the trucking branch, here is the general overview of July 2020.


    So who where the ones pulling our wagons?

    ETS 2 ETS 2 Top drivers (overall)
  • v199629 (driven distance 11 791 km)
  • michael hadley (7 493 km)
  • Arvid (7 003 km)
  • Citaro2013 (4 509 km)
  • police444 (1 981 km)
  • Category wise Real (max speed between 0 - 100 km/h)
  • michael hadley (driven distance 7 493 km)
  • Arvid (7 003 km)
  • Citaro2013 (1 581 km)
  • police444 (1 306 km)
  • PacificBurrow (997 km)
  • Sambob_12 (56 km)
  • Race (max speed between 100 - 180 km/h)
  • v199629 (driven distance 10 844 km)
  • Citaro2013 (2 928 km)
  • police444 (675 km)
  • ATS ATS...

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    BCS - July 2020 report

    OMSI 2

    My summer vacation is over and it's time for July's report.


    Our company rating has increased to our usual area.


    Extremely good job everybody, while June was quite bad financially for the company, July was good. Our balance at the end of the month was 1 086 425€ which is our best result since 2018 at least!


    Top drivers of the month are:

  • lil_sam2k18 (income 49 602€)
  • bradm56 (43 369€)
  • volvorider (43 078€)
  • v199629 (33 955€)
  • cameron2003859 (31 859€)
  • Map

    Top maps for this month were:

  • Julingen (Income 68 266€)
  • Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated (54 759€)
  • Gainsborough (22...
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    New map: Julingen

    OMSI 2

    As requrested we have added Julingen 5.0 map to the company. It will be on 3 month trial to see if we start earning with the map or not.

    The map includes 13 lines and 13 small towns. The main line, line 174, passes through virtually the entire map. With a journey time of approx. 130 minutes per route, it travels from Julingen via Krudenburg, Hackstadt, Kielfeld, Heinzdorf, Besen, Derneburg, Hanswill, Eremietensiedlung, Breverick and Gruven via the Gruvener Hochbrücke to the maritime tourist village Gruvener Strand. According to our community member @binaya64, you can earn some serious bucks wi...

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