Holiday's competition

Posted by GameBurrow on Nov 30, 2020 in American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Events, General, OMSI 2

I would like to announce an competition for our main games. Top driver of the month for December 2020 for each of our trackable game, will win a free DLC of that game of the winner's choice. So you need to be:

  • Top driver in our OMSI 2 BCS company to win a OMSI 2 DLC of your choice.
  • Top driver in ETS 2 (trips logged via TrucksBook) to win an ETS 2 DLC of your choice
  • Top driver in ATS (trips logged via TrucksBook) to win a ATS DLC of your choice.

We will be choosing the winners based on statistics of December 2020. Gifts will be delivered through Steam so the DLC has to be available through Steam.

More specific details:

ATS and ETS 2

Instead of top overall driver of the company, top driver of real category will be chosen. That means trips that have maximum speeds of 100km/h (ETS 2) or 80 mph (ATS) are only taken into account. The measurable unit we have is driven distance (with cargo).


Measured unit is Income of last 30 days. Repair costs caused by you cannot exceed 25% of your income.

Everybody except GameBurrow can take part of the competition.