Repaint update: Iveco Crossway LE


We've updated the repaint for Iveco Crossway LE which is compatible with V2. Additionally you'll notice the repaint is now using our standard paint also.

Additionally, I've updated the K++ modification fix for V2 (K++ modification itself already has been updated to V2).

Like always you can find the download links on our fleet page (#1314)

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Trucking - May 2020 report

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2

For the trucking branch, here is the general overview of May 2020

Again, ATS had more activity in terms of eared cash than ETS 2.


So who where the ones pulling our wagons?

ETS 2 Top drivers (overall)
  • Lewis334_ (driven distance 8 480 km)
  • Bradm56 (3 329 km)
  • Sambob_12 (3 314 km)
  • Rav Raven (1 km)
  • Category wise Real (max speed between 0 - 100 km/h)
  • Lewis334_ (7 181 km)
  • Bradm56 (3 329km)
  • Rav Raven (1 km)
  • Race (max speed between 100 - 180 km/h)
  • Sambob_12 (3 314 km)
  • Lewis334_ (1 299 km)
  • ATS Top drivers (overall)
  • Stonefire (4 474 mi)
  • Kizna von Löwe (4 266 mi)
  • Gameburrow (2 664 mi)
  • Lewi...
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    BCS - May 2020 report

    OMSI 2

    It's report time!

    Overall statistics

    Our company rating has been jumping around 90 - 91% this month.


    Our balance this month dropped under 1 million, but that is due to the fact that we got 4 new maps this month and because they increased the maintenance costs of the buses and activity was a lot less (revenue is over 100k less than previous months).


    Top drivers of the month are:

  • bradm56 (income 43 758€)
  • Rocksen (33 454€)
  • Majoras (24 792€)
  • nk4443 (23 353€)
  • volvorider (20 617€)
  • Maps

    Top five maps of this month were:

  • Ahlheim & Laurenzbach (Income of 27 551€)
  • Yorkshire (25...
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    New map: Manly ACT Three

    OMSI 2

    Even though I'm hearing very mixed reviews about this map, I've decided to give it a shot and add it. We'll see how things go.


    Like always, you can find the link for this map on our maps page.

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    New map: Strathshire

    OMSI 2

    And yet another new map, this time for UK community. Strathshire has made it to the company.

    Strathshire is the first mainland Scottish map for OMSI 2. Strathdon, the main city of region, rose to prominence in the 1860s with a tourism boom driven by the industrial revolution and railway. Strathshire’s population is approximately 120,000 residents but the region attracts many visitors every year, the majority of whom flock to Strathdon for the bustling markets and its renowned nightlife.

    Like always, link can be found on our maps page

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    Control Center event: Friday, 14:00UTC

    OMSI 2

    Let's check out what fuss is. Our company is hosting a Control Center event tomorrow.

    Sadly the event is earlier than I was hoping for, instead of using the company time, it used my local timezone. But thankly I set the event as 4 hours long so you can join later also I think, see your timezone below:

    Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at worldtimebuddy.comwindow[wtb_event_widgets.pop()].init()

    Event will take place on Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated.

    Make sure to register to the event by going into Control Center interface and finding our event from the Public Control center eve...

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    New map: Bad Hügelsdorf 2020

    OMSI 2

    We have added the newly released Bad Hügelsdorf to the company. We won't be adding the MAN LC A20 as we have perfectly working more modern version and freeware already in the company.

    MAN LC A25 I need to try before deciding. We already have the freeware A25 EEV Beta and as far as I remember it is working nicely (only bug I remember was that the kneeling can get stuck), I will check it also again and then decide. If possible I don't want to add the one from DLC to not duplicate the buses in the depot and thus I'd prefer to keep the free versions.

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    Forum - user cleanup and some changes


    Due to the fact that there we a lot of spam user accounts on our forum, I've cleaned up and deleted a lot of accounts that had 0 posts on the forums. If your account was one of them, do not worry, feel free to make a new one.

    Thanks to that I've added several security extensions and renabled some of the old ones that where broken at some time.

    Discord login is also now enabled. (If there already exists and account that uses your Discord e-mail, it will be automatically linked).

    Additionally, I've updated the categories/tags a bit, having a new result looking like this:

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    New bus: MAN Lion's City A21 Bus Train

    OMSI 2

    For the first time in our company, a mighty bus-train is making an appearance. Front side is MAN Lion's City A21 3-door Euro 6. Attached to it is the a short trailer, making the total lenght of the bus 23m. Capacity of this monster is 157 passengers.

    Even though the bus is long, due to the fact that both trailer axles steer, it can do quite tight turns (I'd say even better than some articulated buses).

    Bus is parked in Depot 4, position 4 and carries fleet number #2206. Bus comes with Münich DLC. In future, we plan to replace it...

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    New map: München

    OMSI 2

    I've added München DLC map for the company. If the map is used enough for the next 3 months, we will keep it (don't need much honestly, it's quite cheap considering it's quality).

    The map has 3 driveable lines at the time of writing.

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