Company report - March 2021

American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 General OMSI 2

It's time for yet another company report. Sorry it took a while, I redid our spreadsheets format so that I can almost directly copy BCS API data into it and it does it's magic, until I get our new management website done.

OMSI 2 / Bus Company Simulator

We had 163k of pure profit this month, which is suprising considering we wasted a bit more money on maps and buses. Company rating is almost 92% this month also - great job everybody!.

Favourite buses

Top 5 buses of this month were:

  • GO 1834 MAN Overhaul GL A40 4D / E6 '17 / ZF (Total mileage of 539.1 km / increase from previous month 5...
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    OMSI company drive map selection

    Events OMSI 2

    It's time to organise the next company drive! Choose, on which maps you would prefer to drive on by voting here:

    If you can't see the poll, here is the link:

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    Bus change and repaint update for NEOMAN overhaul

    OMSI 2

    Due to requests of several people and due to the fact that we have A40 4D lion's city, A23 was replaced with 3D version. Thanks to this there is a repaint update released to include the 3D version of A23 also.

    You can download the repaint update here:

    New MAN Lion's City will have the same logic. 18C will be 3-door and 19C will be 4-door.

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    Lion's City mayhem - additions and removals

    OMSI 2

    As Sobol's NEOMAN pack got another mayor update we could proceed further with our plans of unifying our MAN Lion's City buses. As of this moment we have the following Lion's City buses in our company:

    From NEOMAN pack

  • 1315 | Lion's City A20 E6 Voith
  • 1240 | Lion's City A21 E6 3D Voith
  • 1242 | Lion's City A37 E6 3D Hybrid
  • 1827 | Lion's City G A23 E6 4D Voith
  • 1834 | Lion's City GL A40 E6 4D ZF
  • 2207 | Lion's City DL A39 ZF
  • All buses in this category use the same repaintpack. Make sure to download from
    This repaint pack update is required for everbody, b...

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    Company report - February 2021

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 OMSI 2

    Here is the company report for February 2021!

    OMSI 2

    Our company rating has hugely dropped. It's now down to 86%. Financially we lost about 100k last month.

    Top maps
  • London (income of 143 311€)
  • Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated (56 931€)
  • Fictional Szcezin (29 812€)
  • Berlin Spandau (28 613€)
  • Express 91.06 (18 151€)
  • Full statistics: 2021-02 Map statistics


    We are changing the format, instead of income we are going to compare bus milages as this is what BCS API supports and we don't need to do manual work. Due to that I can't give you vehicle statistics for this but instead we are going show ...

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    New map: Westcountry 3

    OMSI 2

    Westcountry 3 by UKDT has been added to the company.

    Original description:

    Welcome back to the Westcountry!
    The wait is over, and now you can download the definitive version of this iconic map. We've expanded routes, introduced new features and made a whole host of improvements.

    The name of the map has changed, as well - we've dropped 'Buses of the', and shortened it to just 'Westcountry', to reflect a revitalized and greatly improved map.

    The greatest variety of any UK OMSI map
    Featuring a mix of urban, interurban, rural and coastal driving across five routes, summing to over 4 hours of dr...

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    Company report - January 2021

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 OMSI 2

    It's a bit late, but here is the company report for Janurary 2021

    OMSI 2

    We had yet another good month for the company. Our company rating is as usual around 91%. Financially we are on the rise:

    Top maps
  • London (Profit per month 190 175€)
  • Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated (43 972€)
  • Berlin-Spandau (33 050€)
  • Fictional Szczezin (30 355)
  • Saint-Servan (29 230€)
  • It was a surprise seeing Berlin-Spandau so high up in the list.Only 2 months wre red this month: Krefrath & Städtedreieck 3. We did not extend Börsny Fictional as a lot of people had issuse with it).

    Full map statistics here

    Your favouri...

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    New map: Grand Paris-Moulon

    OMSI 2

    Grand Paris-Moulon has been added to the company.

    I reccomend getting the single hof file for all lines:

    Original description:

    Bienvenue en France! Now, after the OMSI-Map Saint-Servan, we are heading back to France.

    The AddOn Grand Paris Moulon - With the Express 91.06 through France from developer Creations AgoraS-114 plays in the area south of Paris. Also in our neighbouring country there is a big fanbase for the bus simulator OMSI. And there's no doubt that this is a wonderful country for bus travel too.

    To the n...

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    Bremen-Nord Modern replaced

    OMSI 2

    BCS now only support Bremen-Nord Fictional, which also comes with the DLC, thus we have replaced our map also. What's different in it, I have no idea.

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    Company event: BCS Company drive

    Events OMSI 2

    Originally we planned to do the event because we thought that January is our company's birthday, we learned today, it isn't. However we'll still do the company drive we were planning.

    It's been very long time since we did a succesful company event, so next Friday, 29th of January 2021 we are doing a company drive on Fictional Szcezin, the first map that was added to our company! This map has no DLC requirements!

    Event details
  • Game: OMSI / Bus Company Simulator
  • Map: Fictional Szczezin
  • Date and time of event: We begin on 19:00 UTC, Friday, 29th of January (see your timezone on the widget below)...
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