New trial buses: ADL Enviro 200 MMC


ADL Enviro 200 MMC buses by V3D have been added as trial buses to the company. We added both shorter and longer version of the buses.

Download links and repaints have been added to the fleet page like usual and buses are parked in our RHD depot.

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LOTUS 20190927 200315.jpg

We are officially in LOTUS


It has happened. Our company has been officially expanded into LOTUS Simulator. This means I have registered our company in LOTUS Simulator and we also have our first repaint in Steam Workshop.

More info on how to join the company and how to get easy access to our mod collections, visit LOTUS section of our homepage.

On Discord we have also opened a channel where you can easily let others know if you are hosting a multiplayer session or want to join somebody.

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Promods server coming into TruckersMP

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Who haven't heard the big announcement, Promods server will be coming into TruckersMP at the end of this month or beginning of next month.

Few highlights I've written down from Reveal Stream + Q&A:

  • Separate simulaton server, 2500 slots (problably will be increased to 4200 once they verify things are stable), 110km/h / 60km/h speed limits
  • No Aracade server
  • Coming in first week October, or end of September (at least that is current plan)
  • No support of Promods trailer & companies mod, however Promods Middle East Addon is supported, but not required
  • Promods needs to be installed manually (...
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    New bus: Masterbus Gemini 3 B5TL

    OMSI 2

    Due to the fact that the repaint for this bus will still take more time, we have decided to add it as a trial bus until the repaint is ready. Compared to previous trial buses, there is a trial repaint (you can see the company logos plastered on and setvars are also set). In future all trial buses will follow the same pattern: we will have a simple trial repaint.

    So which one we added? We added the Masterbus Gemini 3 B5TL 10.5m under the reccomendation of our UK based staff members. The bus is parked in our usual UK based depot, 8. Parked on spot 20. It carries up to 74 passengers.

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    Company status

    General OMSI 2

    We are talking about our new manager and inactive managers. We then are discussing the state of company in BCS: activity, stats, finances, Streetdeck DLC and more. Make sure to read it.

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    Iveco now in company colors

    OMSI 2

    The Iveco Crossway LE has proved itself as being quite loved bus so I'm glad to announce that it is currently in the BCS paintshop, getting fresh company colors applied!

    Like always you can download the repaint from our fleet page and it will soon be included in our full fleet package also.

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    Do we have fans of Farming Simulator?


    This is something I've been thinking for a while, but do we have any fans of Farming Simulator and would you guys be interested in our own server? Vote below:

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    Optional K++ for Iveco Crossway Released

    OMSI 2

    I'm pleased to announce that there is now an optional K++ modification for Iveco Crossway LE released, which I modified so you can use it BCS and you can find here:Extra mods

    Additionally, if you downloaded the bus before 3rd of August, you are going to need to re-download it or download the patch from Download page.

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    New bus: MAN Lion's City A25

    OMSI 2

    We have another bus from Lion's City family, but this time it's a 15m version intercity/urban beast. The bus is still in Beta but fairly okay.

    You will also notice that this time around the repaint is different compared to other urban buses. That's because Adalbero, our original urban design author, has been missing in action for a very long time and none of us really can properly replicate that paint, thus I made a new one.

    The bus is parked in depot 6 and is designated number 1600. It doesn't have K++ destination display sadly.

    Some neat extra info: The steering wheel is adjustable with...

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    Updated Solaris buses

    OMSI 2

    There has been a massive switcharound with our Solaris buses. All of them changed due to SU PL Megapack and Electri Family pack updates.

  • U10 has been replaced with the updated Euro 5 version
  • U15 and U18 have been replaced with their respective Euro 6 Ecolife versions.
  • U12 Hybrid was replaced with U12 Euro 6 Ecolife (we decided to not use the Hybrid because the model doesn't look like the Hybrid and we have Electric versions also)
  • U12 Electric has been replaced with the one from Electri Family pack
  • U18 Electric has been added
  • Additionally all of the buses received a repaint update. Th...

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