ETS 2 - December 2019

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Summary of December looks like this:

On employee side, top 5 looks like this:

  • Lewis334_ (10 301 km)
  • Sambob_12 (9 152 km)
  • Gary Leaver (5 190 km)
  • Bradm56 (3 769 km)
  • Rav Raven (3 746 km)
  • In real category (max speed between 0 - 100 km/h), top listing looks like this:

    and on race category (max speed between 100 - 180 km/h), this is the top listing:

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    BCS December 2019 report

    OMSI 2

    It's time for the data report of the December 2019 in Bus Company Simulator.

    While November was a good month for the company regarding company balance change, December was mostly neutral. But that is understandable as we had long holidays. Our company balance by the end of the December, was 1 002 487€. That is 42 000€ less than the month before it. Company rating at the time of writing this post is 87%.

    You can see full statistics in the following 2 images: -

    Top maps of December:

  • Fictional Szcezin (52 finished trips out of 66)...
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    ATS Christmas company convoy

    American Truck Simulator Events

    Tomorrow, we have planned a christmas company convoy on American Truck Simulator (TruckersMP).

  • Starting position: Company HQ at Los Angeles
  • Start and end time: Event will happen sometime between timeframe 17:00 - 22:00 UTC. (See in your timezone in the widget below). We do not have fixed start or end time, we will start it once people who want to participate are online and have notified me on Discord that they are ready and end when we'll end.
  • Server: Simulation
  • Requirements: No cars, only semis.
  • Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at worldtimebuddy.comwindow[wtb_event_widgets...

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    BCS report - November 2019

    OMSI 2

    Before I start, I need give you all a big applause.

    Our activity and thus income this month has skyrocketed! I was thinking that OMSI is dying but I guess I was wrong.

    Here you can see our monthly balance

    As you can see, we have been stuck around 700k around most of the year, but this month we ended with over 1 million in company balance.

    With increased activity our rating though sadly has dropped

    Top drivers of the month are:

  • Scouse52 (earned 90 839€)
  • Cookie (earned 74 207€)
  • OllieEXS (earned 72 256€)
  • Majoras (earned 44 296€)
  • stonehold (earned 39 175€)
  • Some more details can be seen here...

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    Trucking report - November 2019

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Top drivers of this month:

  • PacificBurrow (10119 km, 14 deliveries)
  • police444 (4342 km, 28 deliveries)
  • GameBurrow (2751 km, 2 deliveries)
  • Sambob_12 (1376 km, 3 deliveries
  • Category wise, top drivers of real category (0 - 100 km/h):

  • PacificBurrow
  • police443
  • GameBurrow
  • Race category (100 - 180 km/h)

  • PacificBurrow
  • Sambob_12
  • More statistics:

    American Truck Simulator

    Top drivers of this month:

  • GameBurrow (5823 mi, 19 deliveries)
  • StoneFire (3460 mi, 7 deliveries)
  • PacificBurrow (1114 mi, 4 deliveries)
  • In ATS all drives fell into real category (0 - 80 mph), so the leaderbo...

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    Christmas events - results

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

    In total of 15 people have voted on our Christmas events poll and here is the result:

    I've selected following date for those who care confused: 29.nov - OMSI 2 6.dec - ATS 13.dec - OMSI 2 20.dec ETS 2

    There may be changes regarding ATS & ETS 2 as currently ATS latest version isn't MP compatible and soon ETS 2 update will release that may do the same. We'll see. Regarding OMSI 2, I'm thinking first date will be normal map and second will be UK map. LOTUS was only voted by me sadly.

    I'll post more info as it comes.

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    Christmas events - final days of poll

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

    I would like to remind everybody, who still haven't voted on our Christmas events poll to do so. I will start counting the votes on this weekend (Sunday problably).

    You can find the poll and plan about the events on this news post:

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    Repaint fix: ADL Enviro 200 MMC

    OMSI 2

    I've uploaded repaint fix for the ADL Enviro 200 MMC. You can find the City V1.1 link on our fleet page like usual. Full fleet package will be updated late tomorrow evening earliest.

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    Christmas events

    American Truck Simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2 Events General LOTUS OMSI 2

    As Christmas is nearing and we haven't done a lot of company events lately, I thought it's time to arrange some. However, this time I plan to go all out. We have 4 games, so there will be 4 events. Events are planned starting from Friday, 29.nov and are held every Friday evening (UTC) until 20.dec.

    However as I know all people don't have all games in the company and you can't join for every event, thus I've opened up a doodle poll where I would like you guys to let me know which games and which days you could/want to attend.

    Please answer to the poll here:

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    Repaint: ADL Enviro 200 MMC

    OMSI 2

    Both versions of Enviro 200 MMC now have full company repaint thanks to great work done by Sambob_12.

    As always, you can find the links on fleet page and in the next 48h full fleet package will be synced also.

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