New bus: Ikarus EAG 395

Posted by GameBurrow on May 01, 2020 in OMSI 2

We have added a new bus: Ikarus EAG 395.

With a total of 645 units the 395/E95 series was the most successful product of Ikarus Special Coach Factory. This intercity bus was offered with 4 different chassis. The prototype was built on Scania's L113 chassis and left the factory in 1992. It was designated as type 395.12. 102 more units were built using the same type of chassis, until the 1997 introduction of Scania's 4 series chassis.

The bus comes with manual 7 gear gearbox (turn on autoclutch if you want to make it easier (OMSI 2 Menu > Options > Automatic clutch)), uses normal destination display and carries 48 passengers. It sounds extremely nice

The bus was never fully released so there are few bugs, like:

  • There is no ticket printer and cash desk (so make sure to have ticket selling on simple (with simple you can use keyboard shortcuts) or off).

I've also opened a wiki page for this bus also: Once you find something that needs to be added, do it. I added known bugs and some dashboard button explanations.

Like always, you can find link to bus and repaint on our fleet page. Bus carries number 1316 and is in depot 6.