Christmas events

Posted by GameBurrow on Nov 06, 2019 in American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Events, General, LOTUS, OMSI 2

As Christmas is nearing and we haven't done a lot of company events lately, I thought it's time to arrange some. However, this time I plan to go all out. We have 4 games, so there will be 4 events. Events are planned starting from Friday, 29.nov and are held every Friday evening (UTC) until 20.dec.

However as I know all people don't have all games in the company and you can't join for every event, thus I've opened up a doodle poll where I would like you guys to let me know which games and which days you could/want to attend.

Please answer to the poll here:

Why Friday evenings? To me it looks like the most universal evening that should be available for most. Mon - Thu evenings people usually want to rest for the next workday. Saturday evenings usually I myself am never available. Sunday evenings - monday is workday and we would need to start events one week earlier as I imagine most want to already spend 22.dec with their families.

Of course nothing is set into stone so if I'm only one who can attend or the only one who is interested in doing something like this, we'll change the plans.