Updated Solaris buses

Posted by GameBurrow on Aug 14, 2019 in OMSI 2

There has been a massive switcharound with our Solaris buses. All of them changed due to SU PL Megapack and Electri Family pack updates.


  • U10 has been replaced with the updated Euro 5 version
  • U15 and U18 have been replaced with their respective Euro 6 Ecolife versions.
  • U12 Hybrid was replaced with U12 Euro 6 Ecolife (we decided to not use the Hybrid because the model doesn't look like the Hybrid and we have Electric versions also)
  • U12 Electric has been replaced with the one from Electri Family pack
  • U18 Electric has been added

Additionally all of the buses received a repaint update. This update also includes the removal photocell, which caused the doors to bounce back (not close) as most people found it annoying.

All of the new buses are parked in depot 1, positions 1 - 6. You can download the buses and new repaints like always on our fleet page.

PS! All of the non-electric buses use the new IBIS from Jelcz bus. I've updated instructions on our wiki on how to use it: https://wiki.gogroupvirtual.eu/books/buses/page/solaris-pl-megapack