Trucking report - October 2019

    Posted by GameBurrow on Oct 31, 2019 in American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Since we only just moved to the Trucksbook client, it's basically only the last week but I wanted to show why I made the move. Now we can make reports like we do in BCS also.

    Euro Truck Simulator

    Overall top drivers of the month are:

    1. Bradm56 (Driven distance 9291 km with 8 deliveries)
    2. Keaton White (3680 km with 4 deliveries)
    3. GameBurrow (3056km with 7 deliveies)
    4. PacificBurrow (973km with 2 deliveries)
    5. Sambob_12 (646 km with 2 deliveries)

    Category wise, here are the top ratings

    Race category (max speed between 100 - 180 km/h)


    Real category (max speed under 100 km/h)


    Here are some extra statistic for our month:


    American Truck Simulator

    Overall top drivers of the month:

    1. GameBurrow (332 mi with 2 deliveries)
    2. Bradm56 (192 mi with 1 delivery)

    Category wise, Bradm56 is holding the 1st position in Race (max speed 80 mph - 112 mph), GameBurrow 1st in Real category (max speed under 80 mph). No second ranks in the categories.

    Extra statistics for ATS:


    Currently 9 members have applied into the VTC. Out of them all own ETS 2, 6 own ATS.