Promods server coming into TruckersMP

Posted by GameBurrow on Sep 26, 2019 in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Who haven't heard the big announcement, Promods server will be coming into TruckersMP at the end of this month or beginning of next month.

Few highlights I've written down from Reveal Stream + Q&A:

  • Separate simulaton server, 2500 slots (problably will be increased to 4200 once they verify things are stable), 110km/h / 60km/h speed limits
  • No Aracade server
  • Coming in first week October, or end of September (at least that is current plan)
  • No support of Promods trailer & companies mod, however Promods Middle East Addon is supported, but not required
  • Promods needs to be installed manually (mod-manager part is done automatically by TMP, mod files just need be downloaded to mod folder)
  • Everything that applies to singleplayer Promods, applies to multiplayer also:
    • External Contracts (World Of Trucks) will only work for cities/companies that aren't altered by Promods
    • All areas of Promods are added
    • All map DLCs are required for Promods
  • Full install instructions will come with the release
  • Reqular servers (now called Vanilla server) will stay as they are
  • Snowmod during winter in Promods server is unknown currently unknown
  • TruckersMP will start supporting from Promods version 2.42 (not yet released at the time of writing this post)

Out of topic questions they answered, which I rememberd

  • AI traffic, which was teased last year, hasn't been released due to the fact that SCS Software altered AI code right after TMP team was almost ready to release AI, which required TMP team to start from scratch (I didn't catch if they restarted their work on it or not)
  • They are open for other mod suggestions also, if they are highly requested, high quality and they can get in touch with the authors of suggested mods
  • People noticed TMP and Promods trailer skins and where wondering if custom trailer skins support is also coming (like VTC skins etc) and the answer was yes and no. What you see is extremely early work in progress and at least only in the beginning the 2 mentioned skins will only be available.
  • They are now opting for partners. This is also what happened, Promods and TruckersMP have become partners.