Problems with Rurh map in BCS

Posted by GameBurrow on Oct 14, 2019 in OMSI 2

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Good Morning,

Here is a short statement on the chronology of the problem being worked on.

After the last steam update of the Map Ruhrgebiet, we were aware of official changes to the SB16 line and the 267 line. These lines were successfully synchronized with the BBS database by our trip team. As a result, we noticed changes to other lines that were not officially announced. For example, in the update of the map, the tours on line 253 were removed and merged with line 254, causing all players to correctly display line 253 as 'not installed' after the Steam update has been completed. (This was removed by the developer and is now called line 253-254). A look into the trip folder of the Map Ruhrgebiet, showed us then numerous updates on very many lines. So we decided to remove all lines from BBS,

The shocking result for us was that, despite successful synchronization, not a single tour was shown anymore.

After a long causal research, the reason was found:

The tours were all synchronized, but there was a problem with the "RB44_Dorsten" by the project Gladbeck Software Group. A tour of the line "SEV", circulating "SEV_RB44_3" has no start and no final stop, resulting in an error in retrieving the tours.

This tour was deleted from the BBS database, after which all tours in BBS were briefly displayed again. Immediately, our development team has taken measures to ensure that such erroneous tours will not make it into the BBS database in the future and will therefore provide an update soon.

Currently we are looking for another similar bug in the map and hope that we get all trips promptly shown again in BBS.