Plans for next month: Map and vehicle cuts

Posted by GameBurrow on Oct 22, 2020 in OMSI 2

Some heads up about planned changes coming in next month

We won't be extending following maps for the next month:

  • Manly ACT Three
  • München
  • Rheinhausen

All of them have been in the red for at least last 4 months

X10 Berlin & Berlin BRT - unless both map surprise us with not being in the red only one of the maps will remain, the one who is less in the red. And then we'll keep monitoring if the staying map can come out of red, if not we'll remove the other one also in following months. X10 Berlin has been in the red most of the months sadly and initally seems that Berlin BRT is following same trend.

There hare going to be cuts in buses also

Following buses are in danger of being sold in the next month, if their performance this month hasn't increased:

  • Busotto LU
  • Caetanoe Levante (both B9R and B11R)
  • Ikarus 260 & 280
  • Ikarus EAG 395
  • Jelcz 120MM/2
  • MAN ÜL 272
  • MB O407
  • Neoplan N4016 & N4021 (the older ones, not the newer one)

Ofc, nothing is locked in place, if any of the buses and maps listed suprise us, we will of course rethink them.

This is hard for us to do, but we do need to start cutting costs - our activity is not high enough to cover the costs of stuff. Good news is that there are plans to duplicate vehicles that have high usage, so do let us know in the comments, if you stumble upon your favourite vehicle being in a lot of the times (leave the name and fleet number of the vehicle in comments).