New repaint: MB Citaro C2Ü

Posted by GameBurrow on Apr 02, 2020 in OMSI 2

After a long time of waiting the company paint for the Citaro C2Ü (Rheinhausen DLC) is released. Download is like available on our fleet page.

The first thing you are problably noticing is that it's using the body paint that was so far only on city buses, even though it's intercity bus. We have decide to unify our fleet even more and now all buses will be using the same paint.


Sadly, there is a bug in the repaint - you'll notice in the rear area there are some bits of whites in some areas that should be blue (around rear light and arour rear window). Something is seriously wrong with the repaint of this bus. I tried all methods to do the repaint that I know have been used in OMSI. Only the RepaintTool versions works, which results in this. (Which is extremely strange because the custom repaints bus ships with don't use the RepaintTool version).