Monthly report (May 2019)

Posted by GameBurrow on May 31, 2019 in OMSI 2

We used to do monthly company reports in video forms, sadly I haven't had time for those. So I've decided to keep you folks posted on our homepages in news posts.

So how is the company doing currently?

Here are the current stats of the company: java_7U5bs98gbs.png java_DSoL2x2ikH.png java_OpmPnt4CY4.png java_ofyqX86thW.png

As you can see, our company balance has dropped considerably since the end of last year and beginning of the year. Considering that summer usually isn't the most active time for company I'm looking into cutting some costs for the company.


Good news is that all maps in the company except Hamburg Hafencity are either profitable or just barely have more earnings than the license cost. As Hamburg Hafencity is a DLC map we won't remove it and any of the other maps are also in no danger of being removed.


I am thinking of removing some of our vehicles to reduce maintenance and insurance costs.

Vehicles that I problably will remove at the end of next week:

  • 1207 MAN A21 NL263 (2-door)
  • 1801 MAN A23 NG313 (3-door)

Both of those buses are from the MAN Citybus DLC. The reason I'm thinking of removing them is because we have the 3-door variant of A21 and 4-door variant of A23 in the company, which are from the same DLC and who remembers my post from our previous webpage, as our company is based on Estonian bus company, I prefer to add 3-door buses over 2-door buses (12m) and 4-door buses over 3-door/5-door buses (articulated) in case of city buses

  • 2202 MAN ND212 - 0 uses in the several months and this bus was requested by one of the members who no longer is with us
  • 1804 MAN Lion's City G (NG363) - used rarerly and we already 2 have more modern versions of it
  • 5201 Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5 - duplicate bus, both of them together aren't used enought to warrant having 2 of them
  • 6201 London Citybus C400R Ecolife - duplicate bus, both of them together aren't used enought to warrant having 2 of them
  • 1007 MB Citaro C2K (3-door)- one of the trial Citaro buses we have added, it's usage has been either 0 or 1 per month so it doesn't justify to keep that bus

Vehicles that will be removed if I don't see them being used more and our company balance is dropping even more

  • 1301 SOR C10.5 - 0 uses in the last month
  • 2002 Vanhool AGG300 (1998) - 0 uses in the last month (2007 tri-articulated DLC version in comparison has been used)
  • 1003 MAZ 206.067 - 1 use in the last month (that was me)
  • 1004 MB O520 Cito K++ - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1214 MB O305 - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1808 MB O305G - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1205 MB O405 N2 (Julian's) - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1807 MB O405 GN2 (Julian's) - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1231 MAN NL313 CNG - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1304 MAN ÜL 272 Doubledoor - 0 uses in the last month
  • 1305 MB O307 Matrix - 0 uses in the last month

There are more buses that haven't been used a lot, but I feel the urge to keep them as they are somehow unique (good quality and we don't have any other buses of that type or from same manufacturer etc)

I would also like reduce the amount of Citaro C2's we have. For this case I would like you guys to vote on here:

I would prefer to remove the 3-generation versions and keep the hamburg buspack versions as the latter are a lot better quality, have more types and fit our company more

If you aren't satisifed with something here or have ideas of your own, feel free to leave a comment!