Insurance contract terminated

Posted by GameBurrow on Aug 09, 2019 in OMSI 2

We have decided to terminate our insurance contract in Bus Company Simulator due to it being extremely costly (I remember wrongly how much it costs for the company) and damages on the buses have been mostly on the cheaper side and there are a lot less of them so it doesn't justify keeping especially on current times when our balance is decreasing.

It will terminate on 05.09.2019 15:18 company time

How much did it actually cost for us?

As you can see from the image in thumbnail it costed us 43€ per day per bus. So we have 78 buses and on avarage there are 30 days in a month. So it costed us: 78b x 43€ x 30d = 100 620€. As you can see that is extremely lot, I remembered that it takes per week but appareantly not.

Should we see that we need insurance again at one point we'll take it (though the offers will be different every time I check)

Company status

Here is the latest report: Latest company report

As you can see, in July we went even further down even with all the bus removals. Though, once the insurance ends, it should start rising again as long as the activity of drivers doesn't drop even more. (Yes you currently see increas in current month, but keep in mind every month we lose about 100 000€ for map licenses)