Company status

Posted by GameBurrow on Sep 04, 2019 in General, OMSI 2

It's time for some more company news.


Before I carry to the BCS part of the news, there are changes in the company management - BMW_NJ has been given an opportunity to try out being a manager. Give him a warm welcome. He's one of the members who has been with us almost since the beginning.

Benji and Blitzgaming have been removed due to inactivity (both Discord and ingame). Should they have interest again, their positions will be offered back to them, should they want them.


Insurance termination

Now, onto BCS. First up is a reminder that this week our insurance contract will be terminated. This currently has been our biggest money eater and as activity has been dropping steadily, this is a measure we have had to take.


So how low is our company activty? Here are some stats. On the following table you can see our member count groupd by when they last drove.

Total members Today Last week Last month Last 3 months Last 6 months Dangerzone
78 3 15 16 19 13 12

So in the last month only 34 people out of 78 have driven at least once.

Dangerzone means that people in that list will be kicked from BCS on our next cleanup which is planned at the end of September, to once again lower minimum rank to join.

Who are the most active members? Here's a list of them. Thank you all who made it up on this list.


Finances and statistics

Our company rating has been sticking between 85 - 90% in the last month which is lower that we used to be. Details of it can be seen here:


Our company balance currently can be seen at the bottom. From the current balance you can deduct 40k for taxes so this means we once again lost some cash in total. Some of it was lost due to the updating of Solaris buses since I had to sell them and buy news ones (since they were the oldest buses in the company they didn't have any sell value).


Here is the revenue and expenses chart for those that are interested. I didn't put it on the page directly to make it less cramped.

However, our calculations show that with the termination of our insurance we will be saving about 140k per month, so hopefully at the end of September we have better news.

Masterlite buspack

I know a lot of you folks have been asking when and if we are going to add any of the Masterlite buses into the company. Answer is yes, they will come. BMW_NJ is currently trying to tackle in painting these beauties. Currently out of the staff members he and Fulleylove are the only staff members, who owns the DLC and due to how BCS works, to add a bus into the company, you have to actually own it.

Not to mention for repainting.


No map removals are planned. Most popular maps currently are:

  1. Ahlheim & Laurezbach Updated
  2. Städtedreieck 3
  3. Ruhrau V2
  4. Fictional Szczecin
  5. X10 Berlin

Full details can be seen here

Least popular maps are (counting from the bottom):

  1. Hafencity - Hamburg
  2. Felsheim
  3. BotW
  4. Yorkshire
  5. Gehrten

Full details can be seen here: