Bus update: Citaro and Citaro Facelifts

Posted by GameBurrow on Oct 13, 2020 in OMSI 2

Finally, a long overdue update has happened. We have updated our Citaro Facelifts (and 1 one non Facelift) to Morphi Citaro Facelift pack.

Buses that were replaced:

There are a lot improvements, but also some downsides to the update

  • Rear doors are no longer manually controllable
  • Urbino Citybus DLC sadly is now set as requirement (you can find the DLC pricings here, if you don't own it)
  • Citaro Ü Facelift was lost (but our statistic showed that it wasn't used anyway)

All buses now use the same repaint package. All repaints have been re-done and updated to our current one. This repaint update is also already uploaded to our full repaint package.

Download link for the bus(es) and repaint package, like always on fleet page. (Click on any of the names above to jump fastly to them).

PS: Ticket printer/IBIS password is 1234. Just click anywhere on the screen (after you've inserted the driver's card on top left corner)