BCS Poll: Do you want a feature that penalties players who don't report damages?

Posted by GameBurrow on Jun 05, 2019 in OMSI 2

Pedepe team has started a poll on PeDePe forums, should they add a feature that:

If a bus has been damaged by a user and has not reported the defect, a higher assumption of the repair costs (in%) would be due than if the user reported the defect. (eg 20 when reporting the repair value and 80% when not reporting the repair value). Thus, other users would be spared potential annoyance when they want to start their tour with a half-broken bus.

You're welcome if you like the feature.

It is all about the message on the premises. Not while driving in the info bar.

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You can vote here: https://pedepe.de/community/forum/index.php?thread%2F1838-feature-abstimmung-reparaturkosten