BCS - January 2020 report

Posted by GameBurrow on Feb 06, 2020 in OMSI 2

It's time for the first summary of 2020. A bit delayed, but here it is.

General statistics


As you can see, generally I can't complain about anything. Percentages are better than previously.



As you can see, in January we lost some money, but nothing worrisome yet. Our revenue (as can be seen below) dropped which means less people drove. Expenses stayed around usual.




This time I'm gonna be lazier, I'll only post the images.

Our top maps of the month were: java_T5HB5NIw1t.png

And least used maps (starting from bottom) were: java_E4D6gbmBcU.png

We have added 3 new maps to the company also by the request of our drivers. They are:

  • Freyfurt 2019
  • Marseille V2 (Aachen DLC required)
  • Innsbruck


And time for our employee's of the month section. Top drivers of the month were:

  1. Prince paul (73k)
  2. Cal (62k)
  3. volvoguy64 (49k)
  4. Lewis (43k)
  5. Cookie (25k)

Future plans

I've updated our TO-DO section in the forums.

Most noticable thing you see is the mess I am planning regarding all our Lion's City buses. Sobol is making great progress with his NEOMAN pack. Our plan is to replace all of our Lion's City buses with his versions (including our GO Pack & V3D buses) once his pack releases the model we are trying to replace. First ones being replaced are the A20 (V3D), A21 (V3D & GO Pack), A37 (V3D & GO Pack). I have already added some of the replacement and new buses from the Early access or Patreon development packs.

Why am I doing this?

  • It will be easier to download the pack if you can get all buses in single download (he is actually in talks of getting the pack as free DLC on Steam)
  • The quality and optimization of the new version(s) of the pack is a lot better even in current earlier stages.