BCS Company report - September 2019

Posted by GameBurrow on Sep 29, 2019 in OMSI 2

It's time for another company status report.

I am extremely glad to say the the termination of our insurance was good choice. Our company for the first time in this year ran in profit.


Revenue graph - Expenses graph

It's not much, but at least we aren't losing any money anymore.

Rating / statistics


Our company rating this month has mostly stayed over 90%, at one point it was almost 93% even, which is better than August.

Our top drivers for this month are:

  1. Scouse52 - income of 80 079 €
  2. volvoguy64 - income of 74 459€
  3. Svenoss - income of 35 068€
  4. PICCO17 - income 23 197€
  5. Lewis - income of 18 430€

Full statistics can be seen here

Big thanks to all, who are still active with us. Regarding this, I'll remind everybody that we are going to do our activity purge next month, lowering the minimum rank to join once again to let newer faces in.


Top maps of this month are:

  1. Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Updated (71 finished out of 94 trips)
  2. Städtedreieck 3 (68 / 90)
  3. Fictional Szczezin (19 / 22)
  4. Krefrath (18 / 19)
  5. X10 Berlin (17 / 21)

Full statistics can be seen here

Least popular maps of the month are (starting from bottom):

  1. Felsheim (0 trips)
  2. Tettau (0 trips)
  3. Gehrten (3 finished out of 4 trips)
  4. Lemmental V3 Updated (3 / 5)
  5. BotW v2.9 (4 / 7)
  6. Bowdenham (4 / 4)

Full statistics can be seen here

Where are Masterbus MasterLite DLC buses?

Honestly, we are a bit in blunder with this one. I don't have the DLC myself but from what I've understood from Sambob, is that every time the bus is updated, the folder of the bus is renamed. Meaning every time the bus updates, it will break in BCS, we need to sell it and buy a new one + you guys would need to get new permissions every time. Meaning it will cost a lot more for the company to keep the bus as buses have resell value - older they are and more they are used, less money we will get back and it will fill up your permission slots also.

From what I understood Sambob contacted the author of this DLC regarding this issue and got a reply that things will continue as they are.