All buses moved to new depos

Posted by GameBurrow on Oct 06, 2020 in OMSI 2

I have done the unthinkable! I have moved all buses in our depots to new positions (with the exception of 2 buses, that didn't move). You may problably be thinking, why I did this? Well, here are some reasons:

  • Moved similar buses together into same depot
  • Moved more frequently used buses nearer to the HQ and less used buses to furthest distances (for example Ikarus, Caetano's etc)
  • Managed to create a new extra depot for RHD buses without buying a new depot
  • MB Citaro's and MAN Lion's City's (both modern (NEOMAN) and first gen (MAN Citybus DLC) basically got their own depos

You can find the positions of all the buses in our fleet page (I reccomend clicking on Bus positions in depot tab to get better overview).

You can also find a depot map on our wiki to see where which depot is located: