Join us!

So you want to join our company? That is good, because we want you!

GO Bus Virtual was founded back in July 2016 by kerts93, using the Advanced Omnibus Driver add-on, and has switched to the new Bus Company Simulator when it came out in late June this year. Since then we have grown a lot as a company and we have welcomed a lot of new drivers from all over the world. At the moment we have over 100 active drivers in the company.


We are always open for new people! If you are interested in joining, there are only two simple things you have to do:

  • Have the OMSI 2 Bus Company Simulator Add-on, which you can find¬†here. Click on “Apply for a new company” in the Multiplayer section and search for GO Bus Virtual.
  • Join our discord server. Click on the discord extension on the right or click here!
    Note: sometimes the minimum required rank to join is very high (7+), when this is the case, check out the get-invites channel in our discord server. Post your username in here and someone will invite you as soon as possible! (invites have ran out)


This is what we offer as a company:

  • A helpful and friendly community who is always free to help you with bugs you encounter in OMSI/BCS and we are open for suggestions to improve as a company.
  • Quality buses in our depot. We have the most popular buses, including the MAN DLC, Solaris 10,12 and 18m, the Scania Citywide and much more! Both payware and freeware are represented in our depots.
  • Our own repaints! All of our buses have the GO Bus Virtual repaints equipped, created by our managers.
  • We operate on the best maps. X10 Berlin, St√§dtedreieck and Ahlheim are just a few examples of the many maps we operate on. Also, for the fans of left side maps, we recently bought Cotterell and BoTW 2.9!


Of course we have a few rules in the company:

  • We are an English speaking company, so English is the only language allowed in the company.
  • Drive at least once a month. If you are away for a longer period of time that is ok, just let us know.
  • The standard etiquette: respect each other, no hateful/racist comments and respect the managers decisions. We try not to bring these rules up very much because we believe it is straigtht forward for everyone but when we notice anything that is inappropriate, we will give you a warning.
  • Last but not least: have fun, that is what most important.


Take a moment to watch our promotional material, created by manager: Fulleylove. This is outdated, at this point, as we have since added more maps, and of course our webiste URL has been updated.

If you have any questions following this, you can always contact us on our Facebook page or on discord.


That is all and we hope to see you soon in the company!

kerts93 – founder
BlitzGaming, Fulleylove and Benji – managers