About & Rules


GO Bus Virtual is an international virtual bus company. It is for game called OMSI 2- The Bus Simulator and is made possible using Bus Company simulator for OMSI 2 (Our information can be found here). It is meant for OMSI players around the world. We have our own custom repaints for our buses.

This is fictional company for a game!

Rules we have:

– Use only English as our language
– Never leave your bus running,  turn everything off when finishing a job and that includes the destination display also
– If you feel that something doesn’t work in the bus (heater, indicators, lights etc) and OMSI repair button does repair it, use the addon menu to report the problems and after you finish the trip move it to garage (5) from the depot so we can take a look at it. Also, please let us managers know about it.
– We want all our drivers to join our discord server.


GameBurrow – creating GO Bus
Fulleylove – helping in getting GO Bus on it’s feet
eamons85 – creating OOC, which was fundamental for the creation of GO Bus, also on closing the OOC he merged OOC into GO Bus
citaro2013, Janek, adalbero, Xblitz – showcasing GO Bus in their videos
adalbero – designing and applying double-decker and intercity buses repaints