Solaris Urbino buses

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It is highly reccomended to try this bus before in singleplayer before taking it out on multiplayer! We are using the MOKI versions (12 Hybrid and 18 E6). Make sure to use our repaint for testing.

All models

Kneeling button, make sure to press the UPPER side of it, since that lifts the kneeling, lower side lowers it
  • To turn on beam lights you have to press twice L, to turn off we use shift+L
  • To turn full beam lights permanently you have to hold F button
  • Fog lights can be turned only with mouse and you have to pull up/down switch
  • To insert key into ignition, press E, to start engine keep pressing E till it starts, to turn off engine and pull out key keep pressing M
  • Button for opening driver doors form outside need to be held till doors will open
  • Manual retarder binding: retarder_wiecej i retarder_mniej
  • Yes, you can start driving with bus stop brake in Euro 5 and Euro 4
  • You have to use brake to insert a gear otherwise gear won’t enter (also keep low rpm)
  • On startup engine is on choke which will affect in waving rpm’s. Choke will turn off above 30 degree of coolant
  • Multidisplay mode can be changed with pressing button near that display or you can add keyboard binding: licznik
  • Second daily mileage start counting from first time choosing it (kinda bug)
  • Kneeling sometimes can bug and won’t stand up automatically so you have to do it manually by pressing kneeling button up (see image on the right side)
  • Doors sometimes will bounce, it is Auto reverse system (in photo cell mode probability for bounce or locking doors depends on passengers count) You can force doors to close when you hold button for closing doors. Without individual door opening button after pressing door closing button doors will check if no one is in their sight and will close (like 2 – 3 sec after pressing)
  • In case of blocked photocell (doors had bounced more than 5 times) you have to force doors to close with holding door closing button

Differences in Hybrid & Electric version

  • To turn on this bus, press E once, then press it again and then hold it until the message on the dasboard changes to Elektronik Berwell
  • If you cannot make the bus move your engine is probably not fully on (it sounds like on but hybrid systems aren't fully working). Apply parking brake, switch gear to N and Press M several times until everything is off and press E repeatetly again until nothing else happens (5-6 times if my memory is correct)
  • The engine sometimes turns of when you have station brake on or normal brakes are applied. This is a economy friendly bus, this is normal.